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ANB ( PG-13 )

Chapter 1


This scene isn't here, but I found nice to add...
" - Aw, come out to play... !"


Chapter One


"Recess Time!"

The children screamed with glee at Ms. Keane's announcement and stampeded eagerly out into the playground. Ms. Keane let out a small sigh and smiled to herself. The children were getting restless already and it seemed like a good time to let them out to work their energy off. She left her desk to see what her students were doing. It was an especially warm May afternoon and as Ms. Keane looked around at the children playing, she could see to her right side Bubbles and her best friends Mike Believe and Robin Schneider drawing on the blacktop with their colorful chalks. And to her left side in the field a doge ball game was already underway, with Buttercup and Mitch Mitchell against five other boys. Woe to the luckless boys for whenever Buttercup hits a ball they often have to dive for cover, much to the amusement of Mitch!

" - Ollie ollie oxen free, come out, come out, wherever you are... !" came Blossom's singsong voice. She could be seen not too far off hunting high and low for her friends who were playing hide-and-seek from her.

Her sisters immediately left their friends and came running.

"What's the matter, Red?"Buttercup asked.


Blossom pointed, and her sisters peered avidly in the direction she indicted.

"I see it!" Buttercup exclaimed after a moment.

"So do I, and I don't like the look of it!" Bubbles declared with a small frown.

Curious and a little bit anxious, Ms. Keane craned her head and looked, but at first she could not see anything. Soon, however, she could barely make out a black speck moving against the clear, cloudless sky. It was so tiny, only a Powerpuff with keen eyesight could spot it in an instant. As she gazed at it, the speck grew larger and larger until she saw with a shock it was a huge blood-red spaceship that resembled a Klingon ship of Star Trek TV series.

Spell bounded, the teacher and her students watched as it circled above Townsville once, then twice. Then, with a blinding flash, the white-purple energy beam burst from one end of the ship and vaporized a few tall buildings within one miles of the Pokey Oaks School.

"Oh, no!" Blossom gasped as the panicky children scattered, crying and running forth and back frantically.

"Children! Children, quick! Get inside right away!" Ms. Keane shouted. Some of the children complied by running into the school building while the others continued to run around, too frightened to pay much attention to their teacher. Bubbles leaped into action and hurriedly shepherded them back inside.

"He's in for some serious heiny-whopping!" Buttercup said angrily as two more buildings melted under the sweeping beam.

"Right! Ms. Keane.. " Blossom looked inquiringly at the teacher, "May we...."

"Yes, go on ahead! You are excused!" Ms. Keane interrupted, making a quick go-ahead hand motion, "But be careful!"

Blossom nodded and took off into air at top speed with Buttercup right behind her, leaving the pink and the green trails respectively behind them. Bubbles, however, lingered behind. "Will you be okay, Miss Keane?" The blonde Puff asked looking at her with concern. The teacher had retreated into the building and wasimmediately swarmed by the frightened children, clinging to her and chattering fearfully.

"I'll be fine, don't worry about me. Go on, your sisters need you!"

"Okay." Bubbles said, and was gone in a blue flash. "There, there, it's going to be all right." Ms. Keane reassured her tearful young students, trying to calm them. One girl was quite hysterical so the teacher picked her up and cradled her in her arms. She wished her arms were long enough to hug all of the children at once. She looked out the window and could see the Powerpuff Girls flying furiously around the
mysterious spaceship like angry bumblebees, pummeling at it from all directions. However, it was too massive to for them to make any noticeable damage to it.

At least it has stopped shooting deadly beams, and for that, Ms. Keane was quite glad. Even so, she anxiously watched her three unusual students battling it out with the unwelcome visitor, praying silently and fervently that nothing harmful would befall them. Of course she knew that thanks to Chemical X, the Girls are incredibly powerful and are impervious to most traumas and hazardous conditions that ordinary human beings cannot endure. All the same, she could not help worrying for their safety.

Suddenly the beam burst forth from the ship, narrowly missing one of the Powerpuff Girls. At once the tiny super heroes zigzagged back and forth, swooping high and low as they did so, making it harder for the new enemy to shoot them down. So the beams ceased and the ship hovered almost motionless, with no other signs of hostility even as the Puffs continued, with some difficulty, to cause as much damages as they could to the metallic surface. Eventually one of the Girls broke off and floated off a little to the side, as though pondering the next best move against the intruder. The spaceship somehow noticed this, for it immediately hit her with a high-powered white-purple beam.

She fell out of the sky and spiraled toward the ground, leaving pale blue trail and smoke behind her. She slammed into the blacktop, creating a deep crater with cracks around it.

"Bubbles!" A horrified Robin Schneider who has been watching the scene cried out. Ms. Keane gasped sharply, put down the girl she had been holding and rushed out. As she reached the blue Puff she saw to her dismay that Bubbles was badly injured, with steam rising from her motionless body. The first thought that came to her was she must take her to safety inside the building, as soon as possible!However, as she reached out to scoop Bubbles up in her arms she heard a strange buzzing sound and looked up. Before she knew it, she and Bubbles were engulfed in a simmering yellow light that lifted them both clear off the ground, taking them into the spaceship itself....

She wished her arms were long enough...

From Dynamo Dave's original idea,
and wrote by Patchwork_Cat.
"The Powerpuff Girls"
created by Craig McCracken

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.