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A Mother's Love


"A Mother's Love"
by SailorGoon

"The Powerpuff Girls", "Professor" and "Miss Keane"
Created by Craig McCracken
"The Powerpuff Mom"
Created by David E. Finley
( SailorGoon )

Childhood CAN be such a mean time for kids...

Sandra Keane-Utonium couldn't sleep.
She sat up in bed, as the transformation took place. She was gaining better control at becoming  Powerpuff Mom, but whenever she was worried or upset,  the transformation took place without her really wanting it.
This was one of those occasions.
She glanced over at her sleeping husband. She gently ran her mitt over his sleeping, unkempt face. A tear fell. She had been married to this wonderful man for over a year now, and dared not express that love, as she was afraid that anytime during such an occurrence, she could transform, and literally tear him apart.
She sighed, slipped out of bed, put her housecoat on over her light blue nightgown, and floated out of the room, into the hallway, past the girl's room, down the stairs, and into her husband's lab. She floated over to a nearby floor freezer/refrigerator, and opened it, pulling out a 2 quart container of Neapolitan Ice Cream, and a 2 liter bottle of  Ginger Ale. Her favorite comfort food. A massive ginger float always made her feel better whenever she was down.
One good thing about being Mom, she thought, as she floated over to her table, sat down, and began to construct her float. I can eat anything I want, and not gain an ounce. 
She hit the button on a CD player on the table, and began listening to "Moon Revenge".
It was her favorite song, despite the odd lyrics translated from the Japanese.
Halfway through the song, she broke down. She reached over, and turned off the CD player, pushed the food aside, rested her head in her arms, and cried, her sobs  filling the lab, and gently wafting up the stairs.
She didn't deserve this. She had been pretty much a loner most of her life.  She had never been married, nor ever planned to. She had acknowledged the fact that her childhood wasn't the best in the world. She was constantly teased and goaded by both the male and female kids alike.
They said terrible things. Hurtful things. They called her names like " Ramp Nose ".  
" Football Head ", and  " Pop Eyes. "
In High School, it grew worse. She was called things like " No Curves  Keane ",  " Ugly Duckling ",  " Peanut Chest ",  and so on.
A million other names, too painful to remember. 
They also poked fun at her voice.  She never quite got that. It sounded normal to her.

New picture here

She went into college. Things became better. Marginally. The others in her class Grew out of calling her names, but they never spoke to her. The boys never noticed her.  She  had wanted children and a family of her own so badly when she left school, and hopefully, she would find a nice man who would love her for what she was.
She never did.
She decided right then and there that in graduate school, she would become a teacher. If she couldn't have children of her own, she would at least teach them.
After Graduate school, she found herself in Townsville. She was hired by the school district as a Kindergarten teacher, and assigned to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten.
That's when her life changed forever.
That's when she met her future husband and her future daughters, although she didn't know it at the time.
She didn't deserve this.
She didn't deserve them.
All her life, she had known nothing but sadness. Nothing but pain.  But in just a short year, all that had changed. She had married a loving, caring man, despite his almost fanatical worship of science, and her inability to express that love to him physically. She had met 3 wonderful girls, that  had become hers long before she married their father. Three wonderful, perfect little superpowered little girls that loved her with all their heart, and had even , albeit accidentally, blessed her with their very own superpowers as well.
She wouldn't have traded the past year for anything in the world.
She didn't deserve them.
She cried again.
"Mom? What's wrong?" a voice asked in front of her.  She lifted her head to see Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup hovering mere feet from her, all wearing looks of worry.
She looked at them, and her heart just melted. She gathered them to her, softly saying,
"Nothing. nothing at all."

A doodle that I dare to call "ficart"

Tough times...

Story wrote
David E. Finley.

" - Nothing... nothing at all."
Thank you, David.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.