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An important disclaimer
( read before enter ) 


I'm setting the same rules as Puff Works here.

" - Overview - All members who post are expected to follow these rules.
Their purpose is to maintain this board as a safe and comfortable place for fans of the Powerpuff Girls show, to participate in posting messages, fanart and fanfiction.
1. Post On Topic - Post or initiate threads only in those categories that is appropriate.  In other words discussions about the show, movie, comics and merchandise should only go in that category. And PpG fanart and fanfiction should only go in those categories.  Threads or posts in the improper place will be moved and the poster reminded of where it should have gone.  You will not be penalized for making an honest mistake.
2. NO flames or innappropriate conduct - This includes insults, personal attacks, and initiating arguments.  Such posts and threads will be deleted
and the poster will be given ONE warning.  Another
violation will earn a ban from this message board.
Also one should conduct oneself in a civil manner.  Attempting to goad others to flame or start a war will also earn a ban.
3. NO obscene material - Due to the Term Of Service contract with Aimoo Boards no obscene, hentai, or PpGorn will be allowed to be posted. Nor will links to places on the web where such material can be found will be allowed. 
Violation of this rule earns an immediate ban.

4. Feedback about this board - This message board is in the early stages of growth and we encourage members to suggest changes or improvements to these rules and the board.  If you think we need a new category added then submit it and it will be considered.  We want to make this board useful and interesting for everyone.  Participate and have fun.  That is what we are here for."
The Administrator
Text by Herb Montes



The Keane Library

Be welcome!

This website and Message board aren't endorsed by
Cartoon Network, Inc - this is a FAN website; you
are about to enter another FAN Message Board.
The webmaster or the Administrators of "The Keane Library" MB
does NOT claim any right over characters of
"The Powerpuff Girls" series, that are owned characters;
We are keeping it for pure enjoyment , constructive feedback and amuse for the fans of the series.
However, some rules of conduct are supposed 
to be enforced; please be sure, too, to read them. 
Also, read
Aimoo TOS before join, and keep it in mind before post.
Sadly to say, trangressors would need to be warned once, and, 
even so, if those rules wouldn't being respected after this warning,
be banned until further notice. 

Marcos Pinto

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.