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Aw, isn't se lovely
Step by step...

What's going on... ?^^

Who´s them?
" - She carries her kittens THIS way, see?"

Puff Works is growing fast, and healthy!
I love the whole place.
It's my home, now.
But I started a new interactive section for this website
(please be sure to visit it from the "Library" here, reading
all the Guidelines and... Rules;
Latest Updates
"Time Stand Still" picture posted...
Check it at the bottom of the page!
A "sketches" page, published.
Huang Dragon's page, published!
Sniper's page, published, too!
Be welcome to TKL... ^^
New drawings from Paulo - check out his page!
Herb Montesīpage, published!
Iīm honored - be welcome, Herb!
Nice to see you here:)
I'm back!
Now, there's work to do! ^^
Troubles still on sight.
New picture for Davidīs fanfic on the works
New section( Archives )under last finishments, although
all those setbacks.
New picture for Davidīs fanfic published here.
Trouble fixed.
Picture for " A motherīs Love"( by David E. Finleyīs Powerpuff mom fanfic )
published here( see below )
- Emergency shutdown!
  Hardware damaged
New artwork, for " A Mother's Love" Momfic;
Started to edit a Reference Page for Mom.
"A Mother's Love" Momfic, written.
SailorGoon was designated Admin for TKL Message Board.
Sept, 17:
New artwork: see it above( the Girls and Robin's cat kitties )
"Tribute to 9/11" page published

Sometihng is happening here...
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Yes... me - however, I REALLY look like( click )..



A gift from my good friend Nico Colaleo!

Yes, I do!
- With a brand-new and NICE Message board( PW )already online,
where friends can meet and have fun!
- About the submissions to this site, received recently; they'll be up soon!
 And I just set a new interactive section for this website:
Please check it from the Library link here! 
: )
Yes, I DO feel good, at last!

Recent Pictures

Late at night...
If Professor and Miss Keane marry... well... ^^

Without knowing about each one's work,
Herb and I had an idea for two similar pics altogether...
There is the rendition I done for it...

Love is an unspoken Oath

The first snow in the year...


"Time stand still"

From "Time Stand Still " - a RUSH song and lyrics( 1987 )

I'm so glad you liked those roughy sketches I did, lately...( embarassed ); thank you ever so much.

I know that I quite got a lot emotional, at times... but, hey - I can't help about it; I'm just like that, and it doesn't bite or hurt anyone - I'm harmless. 

But, like as I was wondering lately... I drew Miss Keane in so many, many ways; I love to do fanfic art.

Either at her well-known self, or as the mother for the Girls( even as a mother herself, just like a friend of mine( Herb Montes )did! A nice happening, BTW ); even, a superheroine, just like the Girls - "Powerpuff Mom", from David E. Finley's creation - or a paid hommage on one of my favorite anime( Reiji Matsumoto's "Queen Millenia" ) characters, once both are teachers themselves...

But I see the human being on the cartoon, always; no matter wich form it takes.

When, by instance, she was an older friend to Robin, who needed some support, or one who was at the Girls's side, when in a moment of dire need, teaching, or learning( what's the difference, BTW? I can't se one, as both are bonded by Love )things from them - either married with Professor, or single, as teen or a kid, as a toddler, and, even, as a baby...

Maybe it's time when, in a possible future( whatever it could be )she would be a nice older, mature( and even wiser )lady. People grown, and get older, but they are the same people we've got to love, once.

People also should be proud of that.

I was blessed with a real teacher like her, once in my own life. But I'm not a cartoon, nor should or I'd actually could want to be.
But I find nice if I could transpond some of those nice things to a mirror of a Fantasy that, in the end, reflects things that actually are - here, and now; so, can be, in our real World once again.
It's just to not forget them.

Years passed.
Bubbles didn't forgot her at all.
Maybe, a( subit, made out of the moment )visit paid to Pokey Oaks, years and years from now;
Maybe, just after she asked her counsel, or advice, and was thankful for that;
I don't know - it's up to your imagination.

Love blooms Eternal.

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