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ANB ( PG-13 )

Chapter 5


Chapter Five

It was a late morning and already it was becoming rather balmy. It was in the middle of June, which means that the school was let out for the summer.  Robin Schneider was in the backyard, sitting on the swing but not moving at all.   The sweet little girl with blue eyes was gazing sadly at the Utonium house next door and thinking about her three best friends who were no longer there anymore.   She could not quite understand exactly what had happened to the Powerpuff Girls.  She knew only how terribly she missed them, and longed to see them once again.  If only she have a magic lamp, with which she would rub on it until the genie come out and grant her whatever she desire, she would wish her friends back home safe and sound.  Then they would be laughing and playing with her as though they have never been gone!

Robin sighed heavily and looked down, knowing it was only a wistful dream. Indeed things would never be the same without the Girls around...

"Robin! Robin!"

Startled, the girl looked this way and that way before she finally spotted the boy peering over the fence and waving frantically at her.  It was Mike Believe.

Surprised to see her friend all alone, she quickly ran over to him. "Mike? Are you supposed to be going around by yourself?" Robin asked anxiously, looking at him with concern. Mike's face was flushed and he was panting a little. Apparently he had run all the way to Robin's house that was about a couple of blocks down.  Robin wondered what it could be that sent him hurrying to see her just like that. "What's the matter?" 

Mike fidgeted, not looking very happy about something.  "Robin, have you heard the news?"
Robin blinked. "What news? What are you talking about?"

"Robin, you're not gonna believe this! Lemme tell you this..., he whispered into her ear, and as she listened to what he was saying Robin's blue eyes widened in astonishment.

"What? A fourth Powerpuff Girl?! But who...NO WAY!"  She shouted, staring at Mike in disbelief. "You've got to be kidding!"

"That's true! I saw her on TV news just a while ago!" Mike replied seriously.

"Really!"  Then Robin frowned.  "But they said she's the spoiled brat who does not care for anyone and loves only money. And they're letting her be the Powerpuff Girl? I wonder what Miss Keane would say about this?!"

"I can bet she's not gonna be very happy about it!"  Mike agreed.  "Robin, I want to go over to Miss Keane's house and tell her all about this, too. Wanna come with me?"

Robin perked up, but then she hesitated.  "Well, my parents are at work and I'm supposed to stay near my house where my babysitter can keep an eye on me, Suddenly she smiled.  "But right now she's probably talking to someone on the telephone.  Hold on just a second!"  Robin ran off into her house.  She returned after a minute or two, grinning from ear to ear. "Heh, my babysitter is still yakking away on the telephone, like she always do!" she said, "I'll go with you to visit Miss Keane, but if I hurry back home soon enough she'll never know I've been gone! Come on, let's go!"

"All right!"  Mike said, also grinning.  He waited as Robin climbed over the fence, then together the kids ran off down the sidewalk as fast as their legs could carry them.

Ms. Keane stepped down from the bus and headed for her house about a block away. But she was walking slowly, with her head down. Upon closer look at her face one could see that she was in a daze. 

Ever since she left the doctor's office ("Considering this is your first baby," the ever cheerful Dr. Horton had said, "Please take some of those brochures on prenatal care along with all questions and answers too. And I'll schedule you in for ultrasound in two weeks, so you can see your baby inside you. Isn't it grand?") She kept thinking about the giant red-faced alien who had towered menacing over her back in the spaceship.

What did he do to her?  Ms. Keane shivered, not wanting to imagine the unthinkable thing the alien could have done to her.  She had heard of women being abducted by the aliens and returned home pregnant with alien babies, but she reckoned it was all a pure fiction.  Now that she was actually abducted two months ago, she felt as though she was trapped in a nightmare far more terrifying than she could imagine.   Just thinking about the possibility of a tiny alien growing inside her was more than she could bear.  She longed to talk to someone, anyone who would know how to help her.  But at the same time, she was scared that if they find out they would babble it all over Townsville, thus putting her back in the spotlight she loathed so much.  So what can she do??? 

Suddenly a thought occurred to her and she stopped walking to consider it.  Yes...there was someone who could help her after all.  She could ask him and see what he could do for her. Okay, that settled it. Ms. Keane turned around and started walking briskly the other way. 

Toward the Utonium house.

Robin and Mike were halfway across a block when they noticed a familiar person
walking toward them. As they got closer they recognized right away who it was.

"Miss Keane!" the children shouted excitedly.

Ms. Keane looked up in surprise. "Robin Schneider and Mike Believe!" She exclaimed. The children ran up to their beloved teacher and threw their arms around her. She automatically hugged them back, but her voice sounded strained as she chided them gently. "I'm glad to see you, but you shouldn't be walking around by yourself without an adult to accompany you! This is not a very good neighborhood, you know."

"Yes, Miss Keane, Mike said meekly, but Robin noticed right away that there was something wrong with the teacher.

"Miss Keane, are you all right?"  The little girl asked her worriedly.

Ms. Keane sighed. "Well...sort of, I guess.  Don't worry about me, though. I'll be fine, but I just...need to talk to John about something."

The children looked curiously at her.  "Who's John?" Mike asked.

"Oh...I mean Professor Utonium," Ms. Keane chuckled weakly. "We are old friends, and we've known each other since elementary school!"

"Cool," Robin said, suitably impressed. "Are you going to see him right now?"

Ms. Keane nodded.  "Yes, that's why I'm heading over to his house." 

"Yay!"  Both the children reached out to take hold of her hands and walked happily side by side with their favorite teacher. 

After a while Robin piped up, "Miss Keane, Have you heard the morning news yet?"

The teacher glanced at the small girl, puzzled. "Uhno. In fact, I hardly watch TV anymore.  What's it all about?"

"Go ahead and tell her