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ANB ( PG-13 )

Chapter 7


Chapter 7


For a long while Sandy and Professor just stared, enthralled and even awed at the screen in front of them. They could hardly believe their eyes that Powerpuff Girls were still alive, albeit in embryonic forms. "What a miracle! All the time we thought they were dead..."  Professor said softly, almost to himself. Then he gave a start and turned to Sandy with a look of wonder. "But..but how can you be pregnant? I mean, what really happened at the spaceship? I'm sorry, but I had to know!"

Sandy thought a moment then answered, "I'm not sure. I've already told you. All I know is that this a tall alien was standing over me and saying something that I could not understand, and the next thing I knew it I woke up, and found myself back on the earth with my students around me..."  Suddenly her eyes widened. "Wait a minute, I remembered hearing Bubbles talk to him in his own language.  I knew she had the ability to understand languages, and I think she was trying to make him realize we were sentient beings or something..."
Professor raised his eyebrows.  "And you think she somehow got through to him...?"

Sandy thought of the expression she saw on the dark alien's had looked something like regret or something close to it.  "I think so."

The Professor couldn't help but grinned a little. "So, he felt guilt for what he did?"

"He must have, and then somehow reduced the girls to an embryonic state and placed them inside my uterus...."  Sandy replied.

The Professor finished, "Where he knew they would recover and live!"

"And then the aliens sent me back to Townsville..." Sandy was smiling happily now, "John, we never knew.  When we found out that girls are gone, everyone just assumed the worst. But they are still with us all along! "

With this newfound discovery the Professor and the teacher fell silent, staring at each other for a full minute.

"THEY'RE ALIVE, THEY'RE ALIVE, THEY'RE ALIVE!!!" The two adults screamed, throwing their arms around each other and hugged until they were breathless. Tears of joy steamed down their faces and they could hardly speak anymore, so great were their happiness over the Girls' comeback.


Upstairs in the living room, Robin and Mike, still watching cartoons, were mystified when they heard the ruckus coming from the Professor's lab.

"What's up with them?" Robin wondered.

"They're adults, who knows?" Mike answered with a shrug.

As if that was the obvious catch-all answer for kids concerning adult behavior they went back to watching TV...


Back in the lab, Professor disengaged from Sandy's arms and looked at her more seriously.  "Sandy," he said, "So you're going to be a mother of the Girls. That is unexpected, but I'm extremely glad anyway. However, they will require special care.  That means you've got to move in my house!"

"WHAT?!"  Sandy yelped. Frowning a little, she stepped away from Professor and put her hands on her hips firmly. "Excuse me, Professor Utonium, but I happen to like my independence.  I'll take care of them myself, thank you!"

Professor's jaw dropped. "But...but! There is one problem, Sandy. If you plan to have a local doctor to check on the Girls, I have to tell you this; that the hospitals in Townsville have no knowledge of the Girls' physiology.  Only I do. After all, I created them myself.  And besides, I have all the technology and utilities right here, and the Girls can receive the best care that even the hospital cannot offer."

Sandy looked unsure.  "Well...but...,"

"And what's more," Professor continued, "Do you think we should let the entire Townsville know that the Powerpuff Girls are alive, but unborn as yet, and that you are now their mother?"  

The teacher grimaced and shook her head firmly. She didn't want her privacy invaded all over again.  "Of course not! Not till they're a little older, I think."

Professor nodded. "I understand. I was thinking the same thing, too. So if you would like to move in, I have a room or two that you can use for yourself..."

"Wait a minute!" Sandy interrupted, "What about my cat?"

Now it was Professor's turn to do a double take. "Cat?! Ehhh...I'm sorry, but we have a rule around here - no pets.  Why don't you just give your cat away to someone who can give it a good home?" 

"Give my cat away?" Sandy cried, upset. "Forget it! Ive had Valentino since he was a kitten, and no way can I give him up!  Sorry, but I'll have to decline your offer after all. Bye!"  She turned abruptly away from the scientist and headed for the stairs.

"Sandy, WAIT!" Professor called frantically, hurrying after her. "Sa-Sandy, look, I know you like cats, but please reconsider! We have the babies to think about..."

Sandy glared over her shoulder at him. "And you can't stand cats, John. I'm not going to live under the roof with a guy who would not tolerate cats. And that's that!"

"Sandy, listen..." Professor began, but was interrupted by two young voices shouting urgently from upstairs.

"Miss Keane! Professor! Come here!"

Both the adults blinked, looked at each other and hurried up the stairs to see what was the matter.

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