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ANB ( PG-13 )

Chapter 16




Mojo slammed the door behind him as he walked back into his volcano-top observatory. He was dirty and filthy from having to crawl through the sewer tunnels underneath Townsville after being thrown out of the Utonium house by the RowdyRuff Boys again. He walked into his bathroom, turned on the water in the bathtub, and eagerly stripped off his dirty cloths while he waited for the tub to be filled. After a few moments, he climbed into the tub slowly, sighing in relief at the warm water.

            Leaning back against the side of the tub, he put his hand to chin and began to rub it, pondering what he had seen in the Utonium household. Those babies looked just like the PowerPuff Girls, only smaller, he thought. But how? How is it possible that my mortal enemies could now be mewing little infants? When that alien vessel had attacked, they had died, or so their teacher, Ms. Keane, had reported. And yet now they live again! He clenched his right hand into a fist in anger. If I allow them to grow up into the annoying, accursed girls they once were, they may very well throw me out of the Mayors Office! I would no longer rule Townsville! I cannot allow that to happen!

            Furiously, he stood up and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around himself as he climbed out of the tub. He smacked the button for the tub to drain on his way out of the room. Quickly, he dried himself off and dressed himself in his normal attire. He made his way into his lab, sitting down at his desk. The RowdyRuff Boys are going to be in the way, he said. Since they are now part of the Utonium family, they may do everything they can to stop me. So I must take care of them first. He sighed. I had hoped it would not come to this. They are my boys; I created them. And now I must destroy them. He sighed again. Still, if it means that I can be rid of the accursed PowerPuff Girls once and for all, then so be it. He began working on new ideas for new robots.


Sandy! Could you come here please? Professor Utonium yelled over Blossoms screaming. Sandy Keane quickly entered the girls bedroom, and picked Blossom up, rocking her back and forth softly. However, Blossom continued to scream. After a couple of moments, Sandy checked Blossoms diaper and realized that it needed changing. She took her over to the changing table, and, with the Professor helping, changed Blossom into a clean diaper. Blossom squealed with joy afterwards, and happily began playing with Bubbles once she was placed back into the crib.

            The Professor sighed in relief as he plopped down into a nearby chair, and wiped some sweat off his brow.

            John, are you OK? Sandy asked.

            Im fine Sandy, he replied. Its just that taking care of the girls as babies are a lot more tiring than it was to take care of them as five year-olds. A crash downstairs, along with Bricks muted yelling, interrupted him. The Professor stood up, and shook his head. And the boys certainly arent helping too much either, he said in a slightly kidding tone as he walked out of the room and down the stairs.

            He was met with several broken dishes when he entered the kitchen, along with the horrified looks upon Bricks and Boomers faces. Alright boys, what happened?

            Both boys began jabbering at once, pointing at each other and at the broken dishes. Boys, boys, one at a time! the Professor yelled, moving his hands down in front of him to get them to quiet down. They did so. OK, Brick? You first.

            Well, Brick said, I came in here to make some lunch, and when I grabbed a plate and glass, Boomer came flyin in here and smacked into me! He did it on purpose too!

            I did not! Boomer retorted.

            Did too!

            Did not!

            Did too!

            Did not!

            Boys! the Professor yelled. Thats enough! They quieted down again. Boomer, what do you have to say?

            Well, Brick was getting a plate and glass, and I did fly in, but it was an accident! I wasnt payin attention to what I was doin! Honest! The look on Boomers face clearly said that he didnt expect the Professor to believe him.

            The Professor arched an eyebrow and glanced back and forth at the two boys. He sighed. He really didnt want to have to deal with this right now. Well, boys, just clean this mess up. Brick, you be nicer to your brother, and Boomer, you watch where youre flying from now on. He sighed again, and walked out of the room while shaking his head.


Muahahahahahahahaha!!! Mojo laughed evilly. It is complete! My new Robo Jojo, version 192.0, is the best yet! Now I shall use this machine to take care of the RowdyRuff Boys and the PowerPuff babies once and for all! Muahahahahahahahaha!!! Using his monkey reflexes, he climbed up and jumped into the cockpit of the Robo Jojo.

            The Robo Jojo had about seven arms, each with a hand at the end. Also, there were at least five laser cannons, placed on at random places. Missal launchers were hidden in the fingers on each hand.

Hitting a control, he opened the roof of the observatory above him and used the Robo Jojos jetpacks to fly out of the observatory. The Robo Jojo flew over the buildings throughout Townsville, causing most civilians to scream and duck into buildings. Eventually, Mojo reached the Utonium household, and waited for someone to notice.

Butch noticed almost immediately. He had been playing tennis with himself in the backyard; hitting the ball on one side of the net, and then zooming quickly to the other side to hit it back. When he realized that Mojo was there, he snorted in disgust and flew over to him.

Whaddya want, Mojoke? he asked. Butch was surprised when, instead of getting a verbal response, he was smacked into the house by one of the many hands on the arms of the Robo Jojo.

Butch was smacked through one of the walls and sailed right into Brick and Boomer in the kitchen, who had both just gotten new glasses and plates. Consequently, the plates and glasses were smashed on the floor. Butch! the duo yelled.

Both the Professor and Sandy came running into the room, with worried looks on their faces. Boys, what happened? Sandy asked.

Butch rubbed his head, and got up, pointing at the hole in the wall with his right hand. Mojokes here, he said. He smacked me, and hes gonna get a whoopin for it!

Yeah! Brick and Boomer chorused. The three RowdyRuffs flew outside. Sandy turned to the Professor.

What about the girls, John? she asked.

I dont know, he replied. Lets take them down into the lab; theyll be safer there.

Outside, Mojo was ranting at the RowdyRuff Boys while they hovered there, looking rather pissed off.

And so, I shall also destroy the mewing, little PowerPuff babies! Mojo finished.

All three of the RowdyRuffs went wide-eyed. The same thought went through all of their minds: How did he find out about the girls?!

Brick quickly took control of himself again. You done rantin Mojoke? Cause before you can do anythin to our sisters, youll have to deal with us! He smacked one fist into his other hand.

Sisters? Mojo questioned in his mind. He shook the thought away, and brought all seven hands of the Robo Jojo to bear. Then lets do it, he said in a whispery tone.

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