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ANB ( PG-13 )

Chapter 2

"Facing the Enemy"



Part Two

Blossom and Buttercup watched, horrified, as Ms. Keane along with Bubbles disappeared into the spaceship. Below, the children were heard screaming and crying from inside the school as they witnessed the abduction of their beloved teacher.

Buttercup gritted her teeth angrily. "Whoever it is, he's in for some SERIOUS heiny-whopping!" "Come on, we've got to rescue Ms. Keane and Bubbles!" Blossom shouted to her sister.

They flew straight at the spaceship, even more determined than ever to tear it apart and deliver their teacher and sister out of the hands of the mysterious evil intruder. They spotted a small door slowly sliding shut. In a flash they were at the door, banging and kicking on it and raking it with their optic lasers with such intensity that it gave out. Without missing a beat they shot like a speeding bullet down the long, dark and narrow tunnel. They reached the point where the tunnel split into four different directions and there they stopped, looking up and down the passageways anxiously.

"Aw, crap! Where did they go?!" Buttercup said in frustration.

"Shh! I think I heard something..." Blossom said suddenly.

Both the tiny super heroines listened attentively and could just barely hear a small, intermittent noise from down one of the passageways. "This way!" Blossom cried, and off they went, even faster than before and within seconds they found a circular metal door at the end of the tunnel. Without stopping they crashed through it and into what looked like a control room with a huge viewer on one wall and the central command chair in the middle of the floor. A lone figure could be seen sitting in that chair, but with its back toward them so they could not see its face. They were no other living being besides the one sitting there.

"Not so - " Blossom began.

"-Fast, whoever you are!" Buttercup finished, "Give us back our teacher and our sister, or I'm gonna whip your sorry butt off!"

The chair spun around and the figure sprang from it. Both the Girls took a good look at the intruder for the first time. It was definitely a male being. He wore a black, armor-like uniform that encased his massive physique and a horned helmet that made him seemed taller than he looked. His flat, though faintly human-like, red face with metallic sheen looked somewhat surprised but extremely annoyed. His narrow yellow eyes, with no pupil or iris, glowed as they focused upon the Girls.

"Xaba! ceq aquxe!" He shouted in a harsh, guttural voice.

"I don't understand what he said!" Blossom said to Buttercup, "If only Bubbles is here with us...And where can she and Ms. Keane be?!"

"I don't care what he said, I'm gotta rearrange his face!" Buttercup snarled. In a berserker-style rage she hurtled herself at the towering alien and released her rapid-fire punches and kicks to him. He grunted, tottering forth and back from the force of her furious flurry of fists. Then, suddenly, he stopped wavering and swung his huge hand so hard that Buttercup went flying across the room and slammed into the wall, making an impression in it before she plopped down to the floor.

"Buttercup!" Blossom shouted. She was somewhat relieved as Buttercup picked herself slowly off the floor. The redheaded Puff glared at the alien and threw herself straight at him, fixing to punish him thoroughly. To her surprise it was like hitting a mountain, for the stranger stood immovable, not at all affected by her lightning-fast fists. In fact, she saw belatedly that he was surrounded by a somewhat dimly glowing energy.

"He must've put up a kind of force field around him!" Blossom shouted. She was slapped away with such a force that she was smashed into the wall before dropping down next to Buttercup.

"Cetz bexa teqez!" The dark stranger said again, and advanced on the Girls.

Buttercup looked up, snarled again, and sped off into air toward his head. She let loose her laser beams that raked him from head to feet. She was quite disappointed when she saw he was completely unharmed. Blossom joined her within seconds, and let loose Ice Breath on the alien, encasing him entirely in ice. No such luck - he broke out of his frozen prison easily enough.

"Hey, Ugly Face, take THAT!" Buttercup called, holding up her 'hands'. Bright green beams shot out of them, ripping into the black-clad stranger. It was to no avail, for he merely snorted contemptuously and struck out his gloved hand. A dark ball of pure energy formed in his palm, and it shot out so suddenly that Buttercup could not dodge it in time to prevent it from hitting her squarely in the chest. She screamed in pain and staggered back, but recovered quickly and gritted her teeth. "Ha! That is all you can dish out, huh, Ugly Face?" She spat, wounding up for yet another delivery of roundhouse to the alien.

"Buttercup! Come here! It's useless to fight with him - I have a better plan!" Blossom called out.

Buttercup frowned furiously, but she backed off and flew back to her sister. "You have a better plan, huh, Red? What's it about?"

"We have to find Miss Keane and Bubbles first. It's obvious they're not in this room, so they've got to be somewhere around here!" Blossom said in a low voice, keeping a watchful eye on the glowering alien, "My plan is, as soon when we find them and we get them out of here, we have to blow the ship up. Since we couldn't take him down by ourselves, this may be the only way to defeat him!"

Buttercup was not very pleased about leaving in the middle of a fight, but she nodded rather reluctantly. "All right...the sooner, the better!"

"Come on, then!" Blossom took off and headed for the door with Buttercup behind her.

The black-clad alien let out an angry shout, and his dark beam of energy slashed through the air, narrowly missing Buttercup but blasting Blossom onto the floor with a cry. The raven-haired Puff twirled around.

"Xenez! Taze ceq aqenz!" The alien said harshly.

"I don't know what you're saying, but if you wanna something, you have it coming!" Buttercup shouted. In a green blur she swooped on him in another flurry of flying fists and feet, with an occasional shoot of laser beams. For this she received a full blast that knocked her out of air and landed next to Blossom who was just opening her eyes and looking around rather groggily.

"Buttercup?" The redheaded Puff asked anxiously.

Her sister did not answer. More slowly now but still fiercely determined, the badly scorched Buttercup picked herself off the floor and with a battle cry she flew at the alien, her fist drawing back for a major wallop upside his head. He responded with yet again black bolt of energy, this more deadly than before.


Blossom watched in helpless horror as the bolt tore through Buttercup's body. The brunette Puff's piercing scream echoed around the room as she fell to the floor with a crash. And she did not rise again.

"Oh, no!" Blossom whispered to herself. She heard heavy footsteps and looked up. The alien was now towering over her, gazing down at her as though she were an insect. Quickly the redheaded Puff pushed herself off the floor and floated into the air, trying desperately to think of something, anything, that would defeat the cruel invader. However, before she could come up with a definitive plan the alien released a dark, crackling sphere of energy and it slammed into her with such an intense pain that she cried out.

And then she could remember no more.


From Dynamo Dave's original idea,
and wrote by Patchwork_Cat.
"The Powerpuff Girls"
created by Craig McCracken

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.