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ANB ( PG-13 )

Chapter 11

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The sun had already dipped below the mountains and it was dark and biting cold by the time Professor pulled up into his driveway. He turned the engine off then leaned wearily back in his seat. "Whoo. What a day!" He said to himself, feeling tired but deliriously happy. And no wonder...after nine long anxious months the Powerpuff Girls finally emerged safely into the world, looking every bit as healthy as ever.  It was so good to see them and to hold them once again!  And even better, they did not look any different except they were so small and seemingly fragile that Professor could not stop marveling at the sight of them. He had never seen them this tiny!   He had been worried that Sandy would have difficulty giving birth to them due to their unusually big heads, and had discussed with her and their trusted doctor whether she should have Cesarean Section surgery or not.  In the end, however, there was no need for it after all which was an amazing miracle in itself and both Sandy and the babies were doing just fine.   What a wonderful woman Sandy was!  And how beautiful she looked, cradling the baby Girls in her arms!   Professor's heart swelled with even deeper love for her. Silently he thanked the stars for her, grateful that out of all other women Sandy was the one to be the mother to the Girls.  After all, she had already known them and has loved them as much as he did!  Maybe one day... he did not know when, he would ask her to marry him!  That is, when he find his courage to do so...

He stepped out of the car and walked up to his house.  He would need to talk with the Rowdyruff Boys, to let them know about the newly born Girls and the roles the Boys would expect to take on.  He paused for a moment to ponder on his relationship to the Boys.  For a long time after they were re-created, they had not gotten along very well with him. Even though the Rowdyruff Boys did a pretty good job fighting crime and driving away the monstrous intruders (with Professor as Powerprof to keep an eye on the Boys, of course) they were unruly, disobedient, and even sassing back if he spoke sternly and firmly to them.  And what's more, the Boys seemed to have an incurable penchant for mischief and would pull off countless other pranks on many people all over Townsville.  It took a long time before Professor was able to get Boys to behave and to tone down their audacious nature.  But it seemed Mojo Jojo must have taught them so well in the past that it was difficult for the Boys to overcome their bad habits.  So, the progress was pretty slow but steady.

However, there was one good thing nevertheless.  The Boys had already accepted Sandy, even showing some concern for her whenever she struggled with her pregnancy.  Professor was glad to see them being helpful to her, which was great.  In fact, he was even more glad when they begun to call her "Mom"!  So even if their relationship with Professor were rather strained, perhaps having her as a mother figure would influence the Boys in a more positive way.  Hopefully.  After all, they were young kids - and they were in need of proper guidance and yes, plenty of love as only children would expect from their parents or guardians!

He reached the front door, anxious to see if the Boys were home from school and that they weren't giving the Mayor too much trouble.  Just last month they had pantsed the Mayor, not once but twice! Poor little guy. Professor hated to call on him to babysit the Boys, but he and Sandy had to rush to the hospital and Mayor was all Professor could think of, as Robin's parents were at work that day.   Oh well, perhaps the Boys would behave this time. Or perhaps not...with some trepidation, he opened the door...

...and was met with full-fledged pandemonium and chaos.  The living room was in total disarray with overturned furniture. And in midst of it all was very familiar purple-caped chimpanzee screeching and flinging things around in a fit of rage.  The Boys were hovering well out of reach, dodging the flying objects that came their way.  The Mayor was nowhere to be seen.

Professor's jaws dropped. "Mojo Jojo?!" He shouted, "What are you doing here?!"

Mojo stopped throwing things and they all looked at the scientist.  "Professor!"  The Boys cried. The chimpanzee merely snarled.

"What's going on?"  Professor demanded.

Boomer spoke up angrily. "Mojo kept calling us over the telephone wanting to talk to us, but we told him we wanted nothing to do with him." He glared at Mojo and went on, "But that stupid old flea-bitten monkey just won't leave us alone, so he broke into here through the back door to confront us!"

Mojo exploded.  "How dare you to insult your father! I cannot tolerate it!" He shrieked, "Look, I, Mojo Jojo, created you first, therefore you are by all rights belong to me! You are mine!"  He twirled around and pointed accusingly at the startled Professor, "And how dare you to bring Rowdyruff Boys to life, thus taking them away from me!  You thief! For I, Mojo Jojo, am the first to bring them into existence, therefore the Boys belong to me!"

"Me, thief?!"  Professor cried in disbelief.

"Yes! When I heard the Rowdyruff Boys are alive again, I am overjoyed and have sought for months to reunite with them.  The problem is,"   Moro bared his teeth and glared balefully at the scientist, "the Boys showed no inclination to return to their true creator. Damn you, Professor for turning them against their own father!"

"But, Mojo, I didn't.."  Professor began, but Mojo kept going on.

"What I want is that you give me back the Boys. They do not belong to you, therefore they are not yours and I demand you turn them over to me. I created them first, therefore they belong to me, who am their creator and their father. They are my sons. They are mine! Mine! MINE!"

Mojo stopped to catch his breath.  Professor stared at him, momentarily stunned by the sheer volume of the chimpanzee's rant.  The Boys continued to float where they were, but they were frowning and shaking their heads disapprovingly.  The scientist took a deep breath before speaking to Mojo.

"Is that what you want - to have the Boys return to you, Mojo?"

"Yes! Yes!" Mojo screamed, "See, I am their true creator.  You are not, therefore you have absolutely no right to bring them to life only to take them away from me.  I demand you to turn them over to me, who am their true and only father...!" 

Brick crossed his arms. "Father?" he said dubiously.

It caught Mojo completely off his guard and he glared at the redhead Ruff.  "Why, yes! You should know I am your true father. I created you first!  You are mine and nobody else.  You are my sons and Professor Utonium have no right to take you away from me! He have no right to take what is rightfully mine and re-create you to own you, to treat you as if you belong to him and not to me! He-"

Boomer snickered loudly. Mojo sputtered in the midst of his rant and his scowl deepened. "What's so funny?!"

"First of all, Professor didn't bring us back to life," Boomer retorted. "Valentino did!"

Now Mojo looked bewildered.  "Valentino?  Valentino?  Who?"

The Boys were now grinning broadly.  Brick glanced at his brothers. "Anyone want to go ahead and tell him?"  he drawled.

Butch winked at Boomer. "You go ahead, bro."

"All right," Boomer said.  He floated down until he was at eye level with Mojo.  "Well, I'll tell you one thing..."  he said with a mischievous grin,"...We came to life by accident, thanks to...the CAT!"

"CAT?!?!? You mean one of those mangy creatures that hunt mice?!"  Mojo bellowed.

"Yup!" Boomer beamed. "And that means Valentino's our papa now!"

Mojo stared at him for a moment, and then snorted loudly. "Bah! Do you expect me to believe a mere animal such as this brought you to life? An unlikely tale!" 

Boomer sniggered as though Mojo had just told the greatest joke in the entire world. "Well, suits yourself," he said with a shrug and flew back to rejoin his brothers.

"Still, it cannot change the fact that you are my sons and I am your father. I've been waiting eagerly  for the day when we can be united once again and rule Townsville together," He threw a warning look at Professor, "Therefore I will not allow anything to get in our way!" He adjusted his glass turban, threw his cape over his shoulder. His deadly ray gun could be seen tucked inside his belt. He declared, "I demand you to join me...or else!"

Boomer and Butch looked curiously at Brick to see what he would say.  The redhead Ruff stared silently at Mojo for a long moment, and then he crossed his arms and floated closer to chimpanzee, yet keeping himself out of reach. "You kept saying you're our father, Brick said at last.  Both his brothers looked on keenly, as did Professor who was watching on with more than a little anxiety.   "Well, guess what, Mojo, Brick stated, quietly,  You are not our papa anymore. Nor do we want you to, anyway."

"What?!" Mojo shouted, throwing up his hairy arms.   "You ungrateful brat! For all I've done for you...I fed you, I clothed you, and take care of you...and you turned your back on me?!  What manner of treachery is this?!"

"Took care of us...?"  Brick's eyebrows rose as though in surprise and he looked inquiringly at his brothers.  Both the Boys made funny faces and shook their heads in unison.  The red Ruff turned back to Mojo.   "Sorry, Mojoke, but we disagree."

Mojo's eyes nearly popped out, and he opened his mouth to speak but Brick cut him off.

"All you did was screaming and ranting at us," He said, his voice full of contempt, "and hitting and kicking us around if we didn't do what we were supposed to do!"

"Yeah! You even got terribly angry when one of us got sick!" Boomer shouted. 

"And you refused to feed us, either.  We were always hungry!" Butch said angrily.

"You probably don't remember any of this stuff, Mojoke, but we do. We still remember what you did, and no way we can forget it!"  Brick moved away from the stupefied Mojo, floating back to his brothers.  He said, his large red eyes never leaving the chimpanzee, We told you before, and we're telling you now...we're NOT going back to you!  Now go away and leave us alone! We don't want to see you ever again!"

Mojo stood there perfectly still, his jaw hanging open. Then he flew into most fearsome rage to date.  Roaring with fury, he whipped out his ray gun and pointed straight at the scientist.  "It's all YOUR fault, Professor!  You turned them against me! For this you shall DIE!"

"NO!" The Boys shouted and barreled into Mojo, thrashing him about with such ferocity that Professor had to dive for cover to avoid a flurry of fists.  In the next instant Mojo was sent the crashing through the window and went sprawling into the snow-covered ground with a groan.

The scowling Boys struck their heads out of the broken window. Brick shouted, "And stay away! If we ever see your ugly mug again, we're gonna whip your sorry butt all the way to South Pole!"

"And don't call us again, either! If we hear your voice on the telephone one more time, you've had it!"  Butch growled, shaking his fist threateningly.

With some difficult the battered Mojo picked himself up. "I'm not giving up, you hear?  I'll be back!  You just wait and see!"

"Oh yeah?"  Butch rolled up his sleeves, looking about ready to beat some more tar out of Mojo.

Mojo grimaced. "OK, OK, I'm going, already!" With that he limped slowly away and disappeared into the night. 

"So long, Mojackass.  It's past your bedtime, anyway!" Boomer jeered after him, and grinned as his brothers hooted with laughter.

Professor cautiously peered around the overturned table. "Uh, Boys...?"

The Boys immediately flew over to him.  "Professor, you can come out, the old monkeys gone now!" Boomer said gleefully.

"Good, Professor crawled out and stood up, then took a look around the living room and shook his head ruefully. "What a mess. Looks like we have a lot of cleaning to do before I bring Sandy and the babies back home from the hospital!"

All the Boys suddenly looked keenly at him. "How's Mom? She's all right?" Boomer asked.

"And the babies?"  Butch put in. He didn't sound too excited about it, however.

Professor chuckled at Butch's tone.  "Yes, Both Sandy and the babies are doing very well, thank God for that!"  He said. "In fact, I need to talk to you about it before I take you boys to see them at the hospital tomorrow, if you like."

Brick brightened. "We'll see Mom and the babies at the hospital?  Great!  When?"

"Possibly tomorrow morning," was the answer. Then Professor shivered. "But first, we need to clean up and board up the window to keep the cold out as soon as possible!"

Brick looked at his brothers.  "Well, Boys, what are we waiting for?  Let's get cleaning - and do it fast!"  The Rowdyruffs took off and flew forth and back at a frenetic speed, getting rid of debris and putting the furniture back to their respective places as before. 

"Hey, wait a minute. where's Mayor?" Professor said suddenly.  The Boys stopped in mid-air and looked at each other in consternation.

"Oh yeah, he's probably hiding behind the couch," Butch said finally after a moment. He flew over the overturned couch and pushed it to one side.  "There he is!"  Indeed there Mayor lay curled up in the corner in a fetal position, quaking with fear. 

Professor crouched near him and put his hand on the poor diminutive man's shoulder. "Mayor, it's all right now.  Mojo's gone now."

The Mayor slowly uncurled and sat up, looking around fearfully.  "Dear me, dear me! Too much excitement for my poor heart!"  He squeaked, taking his tiny hat off and fanning it at himself. "Professor, I'm glad you're back.  I think I'd like to go home now, if you don't mind!"

"Go ahead and go home, Mayor. Thank you for looking after the Boys, Professor said with a smile. He added with a cocked eyebrow and a sideway glance at the Ruffs, "I hope they behave nicely for you today, didn't they, Mayor?"

The Boys immediately put on innocent faces and whistled nonchalantly, looking everywhere except Professor and Mayor. 

Mayor looked at them for a moment with a slight frown. Then he chuckled. "It's all right, Professor. Boys will be boys, heh, heh. Okay, I'll get going along then."  He capped his hat back on his head, jumped up and scurried away.  But just before he reached the door he suddenly skidded to a stop. "Bwaa! I just thought of something! Professor, have the boys taken Mojo Jojo to the jail, I trust?  If so, does it mean I'm now the Mayor of Townsville?"  He peered hopefully at the scientist.

Professor blinked in surprise and glanced at the Boys who exchanged sheepish looks. "Uh...I guess not. Mojo's still on the loose. Sorry." he said ruefully.

Mayor's mustaches drooped. "So Mojo's still the Mayor? Drat. Well, the election is coming up soon and hopefully they'll re-elect me, then!" With that he shuffled off.

Boomer flew up to Professor. "We should have tossed Mojo into the slammer. We just didn't think! We're sorry, Professor!"

Professor sighed. "Well, never mind now, Boomer."  He looked around and saw that the window was now boarded up and the living room more or less back to normal. He dropped into the couch and made a beckoning motion. "Boys. come here, please."  Warily the Boys moved closer until they were in front of the scientist.

Professor looked thoughtfully at them for a long while. "Boys, about Mojo Jojo..." He said finally, "Let me get it straight. Mojo mistreated you in the past, did he?"

The Boys nodded quickly. "Yeah, he sure did, and that's why we don't want to go back to him," Butch said.

"We'd rather be with you and Mom than with that old monkey with oversized brain who's always in a bad mood all the time!"  Boomer added.

Professor shook his head slowly. "I have no idea.  I wish I had known it then, and maybe I could have done more to help you if possible. I'm sorry."

Boomer shrugged. "It's okay. It's all in the past now. You know," he pointed at the scientist and said, "You and Mom take awfully good care of us and even if we are being bad, you never shout at us or beat us, like Mojo did.

Right, Brick?"


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