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ANB ( PG-13 )

Chapter 15

"About missing but found"
by Nefertiri


Sandy woke up. It was about 7, her clock showed. She glanced at the Professor who was asleep beside her. The two had been sharing a bed ever since she had come back from the hospital. As Sandy kissed him on the forehead, he stirred slightly.


A cry was heard. Immediately, Sandy dashed to the nursery. It was baby Blossom. She opened her tiny mouth, and cried. Sandy picked up the baby, rocking it gently to and fro. Baby Blossom cried even louder. Sandy sat down, and unbuttoned the top buttons of her nightgown, then nursed the baby, cooing softly at it.


Whats all the racket? Professor said sleepily, walking into the nursery. He saw Sandy sitting on the sofa, still nursing baby Blossom. Sandy beckoned to him to come over.


John, come here, Sandy shifted to the side, making space for him. He sat down, taking the baby from her arms. He put the now asleep baby back in the cot, and then sat back down. He noticed Sandys nightgown which was still unbuttoned at the top. He blushed deeply, and coughed.


You know, John, since were going to be married, you might as well get used to this, Sandy giggled. Then she gave him a very seductive smile. Professor was speechless. His jaw dropped to the floor. She giggled again. She lay down on the sofa, and unbuttoned all the buttons on her nightgown. Professor couldnt hold himself back any longer. He bent over her, and kissed her firmly, but gently. Sandy broke it off. The two just lay there for a while, looking into each others eyes, his ivory-black ones into her sapphire-blue ones.


What ifthe boys wake up? Sandy asked, slowly unbuttoning Professors pajamas.


They wont. He kissed her again, and again.




Sandy buttoned up her gown, and straightened her hair. Professor was sitting there already dressed. His hair stuck up. He was in a daze.


John, I have to make breakfast for the boys now, Sandy tapped his nose, so, will you join me?


He didnt answer. She hugged him, and then left the room. Brick, Boomer and Butch were watching TV. They brightened up at the sight of Sandy.


Hey Mom, Brick greeted her. Sandy sat down, and hugged them.


Ack! Im getting squashed! Butchs voice sounded muffled. She let go of them, and stroked their heads. Then she walked into the kitchen to make breakfast.




Boys! Come here! Sandy yelled. They flew into the nursery. In the cot lay three little dirty babies. The Rowdyruffs softened at the sight of them, although Butch tried not to show it.


Today, you will help me bathe the babies, Sandy spoke. She handed the babies to each boy; Brick had baby Blossom, Boomer had baby Bubbles, and Butch had baby Buttercup. Sandy demonstrated a little bit, then left them to cope by themselves. Brick was doing fine. He was a quick learner, and soon, baby Blossom was squealing in joy. She squirted some shampoo on his shirt.


Hey! Brick dabbed at the shampoo. This is my only shirt! He tickled the baby. She chuckled. Brick smiled. Actually, youre so cuteI dont really mind.


Boomer was washing baby Bubbles hair. He carefully squirted some shampoo into his mitts, and lathered the soap into her hair. Baby Bubbles kept squirming about. She giggled.


Unfortunately, Butch was having a problem. Baby Buttercup didnt seem to like the water, and she wriggled about, struggling to escape Butchs grasp.


Mom! he yelled. Buttercup wont take a bath! Sandy dashed into the nursery, and took the wet baby from his arms. She cooed at the baby. Now asleep, she and Butch carefully rubbed soap over her tiny body, then washed it off with water. Butch had a very goofy smile on his face.


This is one cute baby, he thought. The boys dried the babies with three fluffy towels, and dressed them with Sandys help. Then they just sat together. Brick, Boomer and Sandy looked at Butch. He still had the goofy grin on his face. He murmured to baby Buttercup, rocking the baby. Sandy used to think that it would be hard to get Butch to help with the babies, but it turned out she was wrong.




Meanwhile, Professor was in the lab, clearing out unwanted things. When the PPGs died, he had left the lab in a mess. He put a few papers into a bin. He was clearing out more papers when he found a dust-covered doll.


Huh? he exclaimed, picking up the doll. He wiped away the dust. It was Octi! He threw open the lab door and rushed up to the nursery. Sandy and the boys had left. He walked quietly up to the cot, and picked up the squealing baby Bubbles. He handed Octi to her. Surprisingly, she seemed to recognize it immediately, as she hugged it tightly, not wanting to let go of it.


John? Sandy entered the nursery. She found Professor holding the baby Bubbles, a tear running down his face. She knew he was thinking of the old days, when the PPGs were 5 years old. She hugged him.


John, you still have them, she whispered. He turned around, surprised. His eyes were full of tears. Their eyes met. They both seemed to understand something, as Sandy leant over and kissed him. She wanted their life to be happy and joyful, something worth living for. She wanted him to be happy. She never wanted to see him cry.








A furry face appeared at the window of the nursery. The creature opened the window, then jumped in, landing on a hard plastic toy.


Curses! he yelled. The creature turned out to be Mojo Jojo. He was back for the Rowdyruffs. Boy, did the chimp ever give up? He was sneaking past the cot, when he heard a little baby squeal. He looked into the cot. He knew he had seen those little creatures beforebut where? Why were they so familiar?


Sandy strolled by the nursery, holding a basket of freshly laundered clothes. She noticed Mojo by the cot. Hollering with fright and anger, she ran towards Mojo, and whacked him hard with a broom she found. One shouldnt underestimate an angry mother. She chased him out of the room. Professor, who heard the noise, ran up to find a very bruised Mojo running towards him. Mojo had never forgiven him for taking the Rowdyruffs away from him, so he jumped on Professor, and melee ensured.




The boys were back from school. They knocked on the door, but no one answered.


Oh no Brick started. They must be in trouble! Lets go through that open window! They flew through the window, to find Sandy standing by the door frightened. They also found Mojo trying to choke the life out of Professor. But when Mojo saw the Rowdyruffs, he softened up, and let go of Professor. Professor rubbed his neck, gasping for air.


Boys! Mojo cried. Help me, this big guy tried to attack me!


The big guy, Boomer said angrily, is our dad! They attacked Mojo. Brick punched Mojo in the face, then kicked him to Boomer. Boomer shot him with his laser beam, then kicked him to Butch. Butch gave him one of his headbutts, then punched him so hard that he flew out of the window. The boys flew down, wanting to kick some more Mojoke butt. Immediately, Mojo ran to the nearest manhole and slipped in. He ran through tunnels and tunnels. Mojo thought about those babies he had seen. Why so familiar?


Then a thought struck him. He realized the babies were the Powerpuff Girls-and they were very much alive!



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