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ANB ( PG-13 )

Chapter 18

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Startled, Mike took his eyes off the TV cartoons and looked wildly around as his house shook. "Holy cow!"  He leapt down from the couch and ran outside to see what the noises was all about. Other people were also running out of their houses, jabbering worriedly to one another.  A few blocks away the huge black smoke could be seen rising into the sky. "Wow. What happened?" Mike said. Perhaps he could run toward the source of the smoke to find out. But before he could take another step his mother came running out and seized him.  "Mike, stay here!  Dont go anywhereit may not be safe!"  she said anxiously.


Mike didnt argue.  Okay, Mom, he said, and looked again at the billowing smoke.  Something about the location where the smoke came from made him a little uneasy, and immediately thought of  his teacher Ms. Keane, Professor the Rowdyruff Boys and the baby Puffs.  He frowned worriedly.  I just hope theyre okay, he thought to himself.  




Dad!  Robin cried.  She was on an outing with her parents, and they were just returning home when her father suddenly gave a shout and slammed on the brake.  Their car skidded to a stop. It was good thing Robin wore seat belt, otherwise she would slide clear off the back seat.    Whats the matter?  she asked.  She craned her neck to see what was going on.  Almost right away she saw long line of stopped cars as well as a huge black smoke from some distance away.  What happened?


 I dont know,  her father answered in a somewhat bewildered voice.  Her mother, however, looked concerned. From the looks of that smoke cloud I could only hope nobody is hurt!  she said anxiously.


Robin pressed her face against the window glass, studying the mysterious smoke.  She was not sure but it looked like it came from somewhere close to where the Utonium family.    Something was wrong...very wrong.  I hope my friends are okay, Robin thought.




Mojo Jojo laughed and laughed, enjoying his own fireworks show immensely.  Once the terrific noises died down and acrid smokes cleared up, he eagerly sat up and took a good look to see how much damages he had caused.   Craters both large and small dotted the ground with large debris littering everywhere.  He gleefully noted that  the had tore out a good part of the roof  and the wall of the Utonium house, and leaving a huge hole in which a dark smoke still wafted from within.  One small house next to the Utoniums was leveled.  And there was no sign of Professor or the Ruffs.


Mojo pushed another button, and the glass dome lifted so he could stick his head out to look up and down and around to make sure. Still he could not see either the scientist or the Boys. Could they be dead?   YOO-HOO!  ANYONE THERE?  he bellowed.  He waited breathlessly, listening carefully, but he could hear nothing except the sirens wailing away in the distance. The police would soon be arriving on scene any time soon, he realized, and therefore he must hurry if he wanted to do away with the baby Puffs.  Nimbly he leaped down from the cockpit to the ground and drew out his ray gun, tailored especially to destroy the Puffs that had been a thorn in his side for so long, and headed straight for the Utonium house.   However, he was not convinced that Professor and the Boys were gone for good. So he shouted out an challenge. Where you are, come on out  and fight me!  I dare you to try and take me down!   He waited expectantly for a long moment, his eyes shifting side to side nervously.  No one rose to take him on.  Slowly he relaxed and grinned. I must have vaporized them, he thought giddily, therefore they are gone, and when they are gone, they cannot take me down!  YES! Now nothing can stop me now!   he exulted, his gloved hand pumping into the air.


The sirens grew louder.  Mojo frowned and quickly entered the ruined house despite the flames that was now beginning to rage through it and suffocating, acrid smoke billowing from everywhere.   Moving  slowly, making as little sound as possible until he reached the familiar door that led to the lab downstairs. There he peered cautiously around the corner.  It seemed the lab was the only area not damaged, and the fire had not yet reached it.   He grinned; in the farthest corner, there lay the Powerpuff babies, still unharmed but frightened, waving their arms and making tiny mewling sounds while the brunette woman kneeled right next to them, speaking soothingly to them. 


There they are! Now they must die!  Gripping his ray gun tightly, he stepped, as quietly as possible so not as to startle the woman, into the doorway and down the stairs.  However, the stairs creaked under his weight.


ffice:smarttags" />Sandy heard the noise behind her.  Whos there!  she demanded as she jumped to her feet, grabbing a nearby broom off the floor to use as her weapon to ward off the intruder.  Then she saw the familiar green simian face appearing nearly out of nowhere, grinning at her with his sharp fangs glistening sinisterly in semi-darkness.  Mojo Jojo?!   


The evil chimpanzee giggled.  Yes! This is I,  Mojo Jojoooo, and I have came to destroy those brats! he replied,  And I, Mojo Jojo, command you to remove yourself out my way and do not attempt to prevent me from destroying the odious Puffs!"


Sandy gasped.  Oh no you dont!  she shouted angrily, Youre not touching my babies! John and the boys wont let you she trailed off as it dawned on her that her beloved ones were nowhere to be seen.  Wheres John and the boys?


Mojo snickered nastily. Sandys hand flew to her mouth and her face turned white.    NO!   she cried in pure anguish, and collapsed to her knees. No, nonot my John and the boys! What have you done to them?

Heh, heh.  Mojo grinned evilly,  They tried to stop me and ended up dead. They cannot stop me.  Nobody can stop Mojo Jojo!  He was delighted to see tears tickling down Sandys cheeks.   Now get out of my way, woman, and let me have at those brats!   With that he took a step.  Suddenly there was a loud yowl and  something exploded at his feet. Before Mojo could react, a small animal launched itself into his simian face, snarling and clawing savagely.   Cursing, Mojo grabbed it by the neck and held it away from him. It was  the cat, hissing furiously. It seemed Mojo must have stepped on  the cat's tail.   


Valentino!  Sandy shouted.


 "Accursed beast!" Mojo muttered angrily and flung the yowling cat away.  And now I, Mojo Jojo, will... " 


Get AWAY from THEM!!

CRACK!  The broom hit him squarely on his head.  What the?!  He snarled, staggering back.


NOBODY, AND I MEAN NOBODY TOUCH MY BABIES!  Sandy shouted.  Her face was drenched with tears, but her eyes blazed with pure fury.  STAY AWAY FROM THEM, YOU MANGY APE!     She swung her broom again. CRACK! CRACK!  CRACK!


Damn you, woman!  the chimpanzee shrieked.  He tried to turn his ray gun on her, but the broom came down hard on his hand, causing him to howl with pain and dropped the weapon.  Noticing this, Sandy kicked it well out of the reach and brought her broom down on Mojos head. CRACK!!!  The glasslike helmet shattered, exposing his oversized brain.  He shrieked again, flung one arm over his head to protect his head, and swung the other out, backhanding Sandy so hard that she fell backward with a cry.  The broom flew the other direction and clattered uselessly on the floor several yards away.  Sandy opened her eyes and found herself looking directly into the face of an enraged Mojo.

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