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ANB ( PG-13 )

Chapter 4


Heavy rain...


Chapter Four

With the wind whipping through the dark depths of Townsville and threatening to rip the umbrella out of her hands, it was all Ms. Keane could do to keep a firm hold on it. She glanced anxiously at her wristwatch.  I didn't realize how late it is! she fretted.  She was on a few much-needed errands and, having just left Malphs Market with some food and several canned cat food for her beloved Valentino, she was hurrying home (which was only a block away) as fast as she could.  It has been raining heavily late this evening and she was anxious to get out of the dismal weather.  She gasped when she spotted a gang of hooligans prowling around in the neighborhood. Without the tiny superheroes to protect Townsville many young delinquents had become quite bold and went gleefully around looking for trouble, especially at nights, and to hell with police who tried in vain to halt the ever-increasing criminal activities in the city. 

Ms. Keane ducked behind an unoccupied parked car (with its tires slashed flat) on the other side of the street far from where the troublemakers were. As soon as the gang wandered off out of sight and out of earshot, she quickened her pace until she reached her house - a cozy bungalow, actually - slipped quickly through the door into a living room and locked it behind her, vastly relieved to be home safely.  Her orange tabby cat leaped off the couch and came running toward her, meowing loudly as though demanding to know what took her so long to come home.  "Hi, Valentino. I'm back, finally!"  Ms. Keane said. She set the grocery bag on the coffee table, put away her umbrella and raincoat, and scooped the still complaining cat up and nuzzled into his soft fur.  "Sorry, Valentino. I lost track of time. But you needn't fret - I'm here now, sound and sound! And what's more, I got some treats just for you!"  She put the cat down on the floor and fished a small package out of the bag.  "Okay, here you are, Valentino!"  She gave him a few morsels and watched with a smile as he gobbled them up, meowing happily. 

Now to put the grocery bag away, she thought, reaching for the grocery bag in order to take it into the kitchen. Just then her eyes fell upon a framed photo sitting atop a TV in front of her.   She gasped softly and walked over to it, taking the photo in her hands. She gazed sadly down at the images of Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles beaming happily at the camera - an early Christmas present for Ms. Keane from her three dear students.  It was hard to believe it has been nearly two months since she last saw them, and the photo was all she has to remember them by.   Sighing deeply, the brunette teacher hugged the framed photo to her chest, and a tear trickled down her cheek. 

Ever since the day the Powerpuff Girls vanished nearly two months ago, possibly taken away by the mysterious aliens, Townsville was in a state of sheer shock and disbelief.  When they found out that Ms. Keane had been briefly abducted by the aliens the media reporters - even the strangers that ran into her wherever she went - hounded her almost every day demanding to know the details on what happened to the Powerpuff Girls in the spaceship.  Because she was still grieving for the girls, she found them extremely annoying, even upsetting, not to mention quite insensitive and rude and tried to avoid them like a plaque.  She especially hated it when the sleazy tabloids speculated in most embarrassing way on what it was like to be held by the visitors from outer space. Indeed, enough is enough already!

She was quite glad that after a few weeks the reporters had finally left her alonefor now! Still, she had to duck whenever people who have read the tabloids recognize her and tried to pepper her with yet more maddening questions that threatened to drive her over the board.

But that was not all.  With Powerpuff Girls gone, things had started to go bad in the city. Quite a number of criminals and even a few infamous villains kicked up all kind of serious mischief (and getting away with murder!)  But what's more, the monsters came and went, causing more damages to the buildings than ever and costing a lot of money to clean up and repair afterwards.  At one point after such monster crisis, the Mayor had to place Townsville in state of emergency for weeks.  Indeed, it was a dark time for them all.  It was just like the old days, back before the Girls were born. 

In fact, it got so bad that many peoples - Mayor himself too - had come flocking to Professor Utonium's house, begging him to create another Powerpuff Girl to protect them.  Ms. Keane knew all about it, for she happened to hear it on a radio and was moved to tears by his grief-stricken response. 

"Please don't ask me to create another Powerpuff Girl. I will not do it.  How can I?"  Professor had said, his voice trembling, Even if I do, she will never be another Blossom, another Buttercup, or another Bubbles.  Nothing can replace my little girls!  I'm sorry. Goodbye now, and good night!"  With that, the Professor had closed the door firmly in the imploring faces of the Townies.  And that was that.

Poor John, Ms. Keane thought sympathetically. She and Professor have been good friends for years (despite the fact they had dated each other but once because of his dislike for cats.)  Now that she thought of Professor, she felt a twang of guilt. She had not seen him for weeks, not since she tearfully told him what happened to the Girls.  "I must come by and visit John sometimes, just to see how he is doing," she glanced down at the photo, "And that's a promise!"

Ms. Keane put the photo back on the top of the TV and sighed again, feeling suddenly quite tired. And slightly nauseated, too. Shed experienced some recurring nausea for a couple of weeks. Earlier she had written it off to indigestion. Now she was not so sure.  Was it some kind of virus that affected her?  Ms. Keane would have to go and see her doctor soon to find out why.  She heard a soft meow, and looked down. The cat was twinning around her legs, obviously begging for yet another treat.

"You want more snacks, Valentino?  Oh, all right. But just once for tonight, you hear?"  She took the opened package, looked inside and found some remaining morsels. She poured the rest of them into a bowl for her cat, and made a wry face when she felt nausea beginning to build up within her once again.  Ugh, not again, she thought, trying vainly to will her stomach to settle down. It did no good, and soon she had to make an urgent beeline for the bathroom - for the second time in a day.

Afterwards, she came out of the bathroom pale-faced and wiping her mouth with a small towel.  "That's it, Valentino. I must make an appointment with my doctor to see what's the matter with me!" She said with some exasperation to the cat.  "But it's good thing I have no plans to make for tomorrow so it'll be the first thing I do in the morning!" She sighed, and said somewhat worriedly, "I just hope I'm not coming down with something serious..."

Valentino merely looked up at her, his head tilted to one side. "Meow."

From a scence by Dynamo Dave

As the wind continued to blow gustily and rain splattered against the window panes,  Professor Utonium sat motionless on the bed with his head bowed, a broken man alone in the darkened bedroom where the Girls used to play and sleep.

Ever since the death of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, he had lost interest in all things. His lab, once a neat and tidy place - literally a home away from home so to speak - was quite dusty and neglected. He has not done any housework - instead, he let unwashed dishes piled up in the sink, dirty laundry sat forgotten in the corners in heaps, and carpet unvaccumed.  And since he rarely ventured out of his house, he allowed his lawn to become way overgrown with numerous uncollected newspapers scattered all over it. Sympathy cards, letters, and wilted flowers from all over the world cluttered the living room.

The Professor had stopped taking care of his appearance. As a result he was now sporting a scraggly beard on his once smooth face. So great was his grief that two gray streaks could be seen running through his hair, one on either side of his temples.  Moreover, he looked even more thinner than usual for he have no pleasure in food, eating only when he have to.  In his hands he held a stuffed blue octopus, a spare red hairbow and a small green blanket.  Never again would he hear the joyful giggles of his precious daughters, never again would he be able to tuck them in bed every night and give each a good night kiss, nor watch with pride and a more than little fatherly concern as he watch them fly off to save the day.  Never again would he behold their smiling upturned faces looking adoringly up at him....

Professor let out a soft sob.  His daughters...lost forever.  And the citizens of Townsville who dared to ask him to create another Powerpuff Girl...he damned them all to hell for that.  There was no way he could bring himself to create a new one.  Nothing would ever take place of his beloved girls - no one!   As he thought of his girls he felt his eyes misted once again.

"Oh, Blossom, Buttercup and angels, my little angels..."  He whispered and began to weep bitterly, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"So, Ms. Keane, from what you've told me, these symptoms you are having sounds rather familiar," The middle-aged and good-natured Dr. Horton said cheerfully one bright morning in his office. He took his eyes off from the clipboard he was holding and looked at the brunette woman sitting nervously in the chair.  And they sounded normal, too!

"They do? Then theyre notuh, bad news?"  Ms. Keane asked.  The doctor chuckled. "Depending on how you look at it, but no, they are not bad - not  bad at all. In fact, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. But just to make sure I need to ask you a few personal questions, if you don't mind?"

The teacher fidgeted. "Well, I guess, depending on what kind of questions you wanted to ask me."

Dr. Horton nodded. "All right.  Actually, the first thing I'd ask you is when was the last time you had a period?"

Ms. Keane was taken aback. "What? Uh..."  She tried to remember. When was the last time she had a period?  "Maybe last month?  Oh, come to think of it, I haven't." She shook her head. "I think it must be because of all the stress for the last couple of months...because, well, you know what happened to Powerpuff Girls...I mean, they were my students..."

The gray-haired doctor nodded again. "Yes, I know. Poor kids. And yes, it is quite possible that your missed period could be due to stress or illness. All the same, we should be getting the results for your blood and urine tests pretty soon. Then we'll know for sure what is causing these symptoms."

Ms. Keane gave a weak chuckle. "Why do I get the funny feeling that you think I'm...uh,  pregnant?"

Dr. Horton smiled gently at her. "It's quite a possibility, Ms. Keane."

Surprised, Ms. Keane shook her head firmly.  Let me tell you something, Dr. Horton. I do not have a boyfriend. In fact, I haven't had a one for a long time. I'm way too busy working with the children to have time for romance, so there's no way I can be pregnant!"

"Hmmm..."  Dr. Horton said, stroking his beard.  Just then, the nurse poked her head in the room and held out the papers in her hand toward the doctor.  He took them, glanced down at them, and then smiled again at Ms. Keane. "Well, say what you like, Ms. Keane. But the results here indicted that you are six weeks pregnant."

Ms. Keane stared at the doctor, thunderstruck. "'ve got to be kidding."

Dr. Horton shook his head, and, still smiling, he took her small hand in his and shook it quite heartily. "Congratulations, Ms. Keane.  You're going to be a Mommy!"

Ms. Keane's jaw dropped open.  "But...that's impossible! You don't understand. I tell you, I do not sleep around. That I know for sure! How can I be pregnant...?"  Just then a terrifying thought struck her.  She gasped sharply.  It's the aliens! They did something to me!  The room began to whirl around her, and she fainted clean away in front of a startled doctor.


From Dynamo Dave's original idea,
and wrote by Patchwork_Cat.
"The Powerpuff Girls"
created by Craig McCracken

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.