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ANB ( PG-13 )

Chapter 19

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Ha!  Now Ill have to throttle you!  Mojo snarled venomously and reached toward her with his large, twitching hands. Sandys eyes widened at the sight of a thoroughly enraged chimpanzee leaning toward her.  But at the last minute, however, Mojo caught himself.  Nono time for this, he muttered.  He turned his eyes toward the Puff babies.  I should be destroying them, and so I shall!  He turned away from Sandy and advanced on the small babies.  I will have to strangle you myself with my own hands, and with my own hands I shall strangle, suffocate, and choke you till you are dead! 


During the entire fighting scene between Mojo and Sandy the baby Puffs had stopped moving and instead watched, wide-eyed, hardly blinking and not even making a sound at all.   As Mojo approached them, his small eyes glistened with deep hatred and desire to kill, his huge hands reaching over toward them, the baby Blossom blinked once, and there was an odd flicker in her large pink eyes - a dawning of recognition.  When she saw the hands descending toward her a expression of determination, which is strange to see on such a young face, came over her and she let loose thin twins of red-hot eyebeams into them. 


Mojo let out a piercing scream of pain and danced around the lab, flapping his scorched hands.  Almost instantly something came out of nowhere and slammed into him, forcing him right into the wall.  Groaning because it felt as though his ribs were truly busted, chimpanzee opened his eyes and found himself looking into the face of an angry Brick.  HUH?! But I thought you were dead?!  Mojo said in astonishment. 


Brick bared his teeth You wish, Mojackass!  He spat.  He was quite scruffy-looking with his clothes torn, his favorite basketball cap was missing, and his blood was tricking down his face from a nasty-looking cut on his forehead.  Brick drew back his fist.  Im going to make you wish you werent born!   He said coldly, and let loose a furious flurry of fists pummeling the chimpanzee.  He was making his erstwhile father Mojo pay for trying to hurt Sandy and the baby Puffs, but more importantly he was getting back at Mojo for all the abuse the hairy villain had heaped on him in the past.   

Oh, my goodness! 
Sandy whispered,  vastly relived to see Brick alive.   She pulled herself up on her hands and knees and scurried over to the babies.  They still havent make any noise, and Blossom, turned her her now innocent face toward her and gave her a huge toothless grin.   My babies, Ms. Keane murmured, picking up Bubbles closest to her and cradled her to her breast. Oh, my babies.


Are you all right, Mom?  said the young voice next to her.  She looked up, and saw Boomer hovering over her. Like Brick he was just as scruffy and bloodied, otherwise he seemed very much alive.   


Boomer!  Sandy reached over with one arm and hugged him tightly. Oh, I am so glad to see you! Yes, we are quite all right.   But wheres Butch and John? 


Both of them are right outside the house now, but I need to get you out of there. There's fire down the hall! 


Oh dear!  We better hurry, then!   Sandy hastily scooped up Buttercup while Boomer picked up Blossom.  The blond Ruff looked paused and looked back at Brick who was still trashing Mojo thoroughly.   Come on, Brick!  The house is in flames and we need to get out of here! 


Just a minute!  Brick said between his clenched teeth.  One quick punch and Mojo finally went limp, a broken, bruised form that was scarcely recognized as the once fearsome villian and mayor of the Townsville.    Okay, lets go!  the red Ruff said.  Together the Ruffs escorted their Mom to the safety, carrying the babies and the incapacitated and near unconscious chimpanzee with them.    As soon as they emerged from their house they saw the fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars drawing up toward them.    Brick immediately flew toward the startled cops, who were just getting out of their cars, and dropped Mojo unceremoniously on the ground in front of them.  The uniformed men stared at the chimpanzee with the oversized brain lying in a broken heap, then at the still angry red Ruff.  Please take him away and lock him up, he said bitterly, He had been causing enough troubles already!    After a moments hesitation the cops gathered up the semi-conscious Mojo up and took him away.  That would be the last time Brick see him for a long time.     


Good riddance, the red Ruff muttered and flew back to Sandy and Boomer.  The raven-haired teacher looked around frantically, both astonishment at the extensive damages Mojo had caused and extreme anxiety when she could not see Professor anywhere.  Where is John?!  she cried.


Hes over there!  Boomer declared, Follow me, MomIll take you to him!   He took off and Sandy hurried after him, still cradling both young Buttercup and Bubbles in her arms. As she followed them, she soon noticed long deep furrow in the ground leading up to what was left of the Schneider house.  Somewhat surprised and worried, she glanced inquiringly at Boomer and Brick.  Robin is safe, Mom, Boomer assured her, She went out with her parents to the city, so nobody is at home right now!


Sandy was relieved to hear that.  Oh, good.   


And besides,   Mojo blasted us all the way to the house and through the wall and knocked us out for a while, Brick said, But were okay now.  Honestly, we are, Mom.


Here we are! Boomer said as he flew through the huge hole in the wall, And there Dad is! 


Sandy stepped through the hole and what she saw nearly made her heart stopped.  John was lay sprawling on the floor under a huge pile of broken concrete and wood beams.  Butch was right next to him, flinging away piece by piece of debris off the scientist. 


Oh! John!  Sandy gasped. Hastily she handed Bubbles and Buttercup over to Brick and Boomer and hurried over to him.  She took one worried look at Professors bloodied face and could not help but fell to her knees near his head and cry, John, my dear John! Please tell me youre all right!  Hearing her voice, Professor opened his eyes. He  looked up at her and smiled wearily.  Sandy, my love, Im quite all right, I can assure you,  he said. He coughed a little, reached over with his free hand to stroke her face, and suddenly grimaced. I think something may be wrong with my leg, though.   Its hurting badlyI think it may be broken!  He said.


Oh, poor John, Sandy murmured, relieved. She took his face in her hands and kissed him tenderly.  Well have you fixed up in no time, my love.


That would be great, Professor said.  Then he became concerned and said worriedly, Are the girls all right? And what about Mojo? 


Sandy smiled happily. Oh, yes, they are, John.  Mojo has never even touched them!


Ding, dong! Ding, dong!   The monkey gone bye-bye!  Boomer declared. Hes been taken away to the jail and this time its for good!


Hearing this, Butch stopped moving the debris and threw up his arms jubilantly. YES!


Professor raised his eyebrows.  Well! That is very good indeed. Hopefully we wont be hearing anymore from him again! 


The hell he wont! Brick said. Sandy glanced sharply at him, but did not chide him for the language he used.  Brick moved closer to Professor and gave the scientist a half smile.  Dad He began, but he did not continue.  Professor, however, seemed to understand this and smiled.  Hi, son, he said and gave his small shoulder a gentle squeeze.  The scientists smile grew broader as he saw Bubbles cradled in Bricks arms.  All my daughtersmy sons  He said softly, and glanced at Sandy, and the woman I loveIm just very glad to see all of you here with me. 


Sandy tenderly brushed Professors unkempt black hair that was sticking out from under his helmet.   There was a sound of heavy footsteps approaching them. she looked up and saw a couple of paramedics running toward them. She smiled. 


Things are going to be all right.   

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