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ANB ( PG-13 )

Chapter 17

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 And so, I shall also destroy the mewing, little PowerPuff babies!


Hearing Mojo's amplified voice as they hurried down the hallway toward the lab, Sandy gasped and hugged the baby Buttercup close to her chest. "John, I caught him sneaking around in the Girls' bedroom!" she said, looked at Professor anxiously, "And he must have seen the babies, and go after them!


"Dont worry, the boys will not let him come near them, Sandy, said Professor, holding Blossom and Bubbles in each of his arm. Come on, lets bring the girls into the lab, it'll be much safer down there than up here!"


Just then there was a tremendous explosion. The house shook, and dust and a few small pieces fell down from the ceiling.  Both Professor and Sandy hastily bolted through the open door with their babies into the lab below, but not before they heard a sharp cry of pain from one of the Rowdyruff Boys and Mojo laughing manically.


One down, two more to go!  The chimpanzee gloated through his loudspeaker, See, you cannot stop me this time, Boys.  Ill destroy you, and then I will destroy the miserable little brats called Powerpuff Girls. And once I have totally obliterated and thoroughly destroyed every one of you, Ill be able to continue to rule over Townsville unmolested!


"John!" Sandy said, grabbing Professors arm and looking up at him in alarm, Weve got to stop Mojo. But how?


There was a look of determination on Professors face. "I think I know what I can do," he said. Sandy, you stay here with the babies, he put down the large cotton blanket he had been carrying along with the babies  on the floor in the corner farthest from the door and tenderly placed Buttercup and Bubbles on it, then straightened up and strode  toward strode to the closet next to the stairs. He opened the door, reached inside and withdrew a Powerprof suit from within.


Sandy's eyes widened when she realized what Professor was about to do.  "John, youre going out to fight Mojo along with the boys?"  she asked worriedly.


Professor nodded.  Quickly he stripped down to his shorts, then pulled on his supersuit.  "Thats right, Sandy. That monkey had gone too far, and so Im going to help the boys fight him! the scientist said as he finished strapping his utility belt on.  Then he glanced at Sandys concerned face and smiled grimly. Dont worry, love.  Were going to make sure Mojo will not cause trouble ever again!


Sandy looked at him and bit her lower lip. Professor always looked so handsome and so well protected in his powered-up suit...even so, Sandy could not help worrying about his safety whenever he went out with the Boys. Now, with Mojo's threatening presence over her beloved ones, her worries only increased. "Be careful, John, she whispered with tears in her eyes, I want to see you and the boys come back safe and in one pierce!"


Professor gave her a loving look and caressed her face with one gloved hand. "Don't you worry, Sandy. I'll be careful." He kissed her and was about to hurry off when he glanced at the wide-eyed baby Puffs. "Take care of the babies and give them kisses for me," he added, his throat catching.


Then he ran up the stairs and was gone.


Sandy sighed deeply and sinked to her knees next to her daughters. "Oh God, please watch over John and the boys. I don't want to lose them!" she prayed fervently. Hearing Bubbles whimpering, she wiped her tears away and scooped her tiny blond baby up, more to comfort herself than her daughter. "Please, let John be safe. Please."


Running through the hallway the fully suited-up Professor could hear more explosions going off. From the sounds of it the Boys were not having much success defeating the overweaponized chimpaznee. He gritted his teeth.  Hold on, boys, Im coming!  He  raced outside to confront Mojo and immediately doved to the ground just in time to avoid being fried by the laser beam slicing through the air. When he looked up he gasped.


Mojo's giant robot towered over the Utonium house and has a number of various deadly weapons protruding from within his torso and on his  arms, legs, and his shoulders. And within the tinted dome atop the robot Mojo Jojo could be seen crackling with cruel glee.  Butch and Boomer were flying high and low around the robot, blasting it back with their own eye lasers, trying without much success to bring it down. 


Suddenly Professor became concerned. Where was Brick? He looked around frantically and finally spotted the red Ruff laying flat on the back among the debris a few yards from the house. "Brick?" Professor called, getting to his feet and running toward the seeming lifeless boy. As he got closer, Professor saw the smoldering blackened hole in Brick's shirt and a small puddle of blood steeping out from beneath the boy's body. "Oh, no! Brick!"


There was no answer. Brick's eyes were closed and he looked more dead than alive. Fearing the worst, Professor gently cradled the little boy and felt for his pulse. He gasped, however, when Brick started squirming.  "Ummm...what happened?" the red Ruff said, looking a bit dazed.


"I think Mojo must've hit you with his laser gun or something," Professor replied. Although relieved that Brick was still alive, the scientist nevertheless examined Brick's wound anxiously.  It had looked bad the first time he noticed it, but since Ruffs now had pure Chemical X running through their veins the wound was already closing up. Within few short minutes Brick was completely healed. 


"Take that, Mojackass!" Boomer shouted, flinging his glowing ball of bright blue energy straight at the robot. It bounced off the metallic surface and Mojo laughed mockingly.


"HA! See, you have found it useless to try and destroy my newly constructed, modified and thoroughly reinforced Rojo Jojo number 307!" the simian villain jeered. "Try and try as you can, you cannot defeat me! 


Butch, what are we going to do?  Boomer shouted. 


Still grinning, Mojo craned his neck to see what the remaining Ruffs would plan their next attack and immediately noticed Professor kneeling on the battle-torn ground cradling the injured Brick in his arms. Hatred flared up in his heart, and his lips peeled back in a silent snarl.   He's the one who took away my sons and turned them against me! His eyes  narrowed.  I will not only have to destroy the boys, for they had turned  against me and are therefore useless to me, I also must destroy the meddling fool who stand in my way! The better to get him and the brats out  of way, the better to find and destroy the mewling babies!  With renewed determination, Mojo began pushing buttons feverishly on his console to activate various weapons within the robot.


What is Mojackass doingUh-oh!  Butch yelped as the robot turned slightly away from him and Boomer and aimed the deadly weapons straight at Professor and Brick.  "Dad...WATCH OUT!" 


Surprised, Professor and Brick looked up even as the robot let loose a something sharp and it came whistling toward them.     Instinctly they leaped to one side.  They were just in time.  The huge buzz saw-like blade slammed into the ground where they were standing only a few seconds ago, missing them by a hairs breadth.


"Mojo, you stinkin' dirty monkey!" Butch shouted angrily.  He renewed his furious attacks on the robot, causing it to totter from back and forth ever so slightly from the constant battery.  Despite all his efforts, however, the robot  showed no obvious damages whatsoever.  Mojos green face could be seen peering down at them through the tinted glass with absolutely evil grin.


Good-bye, it has been nice knowing you, Professor, you useless excuse of a scientist and the miscreated whelps who were once my sons!" he called to Professor and the Boys.  His laughter was truly insane as he hit the big red button. 


All hell broke loose. 


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