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ANB ( PG-13 )

Chapter 10

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Ms. Keane is a bit embarassed at the position she's in, no pun intended and is a bit snappish. The Professor assures her he does not want to cause her any distress lest it affect the births. He stays behind her at her head holding her hands. As is customary in most hospitals he cannot see past the privacy/sanitary curtain. The doctor and midwife are attending to the births. They hear a small whimper and the doctor hands a very small red haired baby girl to the Professor. He loses his composure almost immediately as he is ovecome with supreme relief and happiness. Quickly he hands baby Blossom to Ms. Keane who also begins to cry with tears of relief and joy. We hear another whimper as baby Bubbles enters the world and is handed to her mother directly. Ms Keane begins to reach for her but grimaces in pain!! 


The Professor asks immediately, "WHAT'S WRONG?"


The doctor places his hands on Ms Keane's abdomen and gently pushes and touches her. He makes an announcement as Ms. Keane yells again.

"The last child is breached, that is to say she's coming out rear first. Not to worry, I have dealt with this before, I can turn the child. Fortunately, there is plenty of room now that her sisters have been born."

The doctor orders an increase in the sedative and proceeds to his business. Ms. Keane bears up like a real trooper and shortly we hear baby Buttercup's announcement that she too, has entered the world.

Ms. Keane begins to laugh causing the Professor to ask what is so funny.

"Buttercup sure lived up to her name huh, trying to come out fanny first." She begins to giggle and the Professor relieved that the last of his daughters is safely alive begins to laugh with her. It is a cleansing laughter that when finished, has allowed two people who have shared so much, to grow even closer.

So Life( and Love )continues...

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