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ANB ( PG-13 )

Chapter 3


Part Three

"Where am I?" Ms. Keane thought, looking around apprehensively. She remembered being on the ground, gathering the injured Bubbles into her arms and the next thing she knew she was sitting in the corner in small, metal cell that have only three walls leaving the space in front of her. If she wanted to, she could simply walk out of the cell. However, it so happened she noticed a faint simmering in the space, and decided it would not be wise to do so.

"Xexaq ceza teba...ya, ya, ceqete ze!"

She looked at two strange-looking guards standing not too far from the cell, conversing with each other in their guttural language unlike anything she ever heard on Earth. Both were short but bulky with metallic red skin and wearing plain brown uniform of some sort. Their flat faces displayed no emotion other than boredom.

Ms. Keane shuddered and held Bubbles to her tightly. The blond Puff was as limp as a rag doll, still out. What are they planning to do with us? Ms. Keane thought, not liking the look of the guards. And why did they attack us? It just makes no sense!

One of the guard glanced at her. "Ah, teba ai jezaque. Xabeq ceq tiqe?"

"Tabez cebaze!" The other guard said, snorting derisively.

Ms. Keane looked away from them. The thought of children left behind in the school came to her, and she worried, hoping they would be okay. And Blossom and Buttercup - were they still fighting the spaceship? Did they know she and Bubbles were inside right now? She looked down at Bubbles in her arms, brushed away a stray strand of golden hair out of the Puff's face and sighed heavily, not knowing what to do.

She gasped when Bubbles stirred and slowly opened her sky-blue eyes. "Uh...what happened?" the little blond Puff mumbled.

The brunette teacher was overjoyed. "Bubbles! Are you all right?"

"I...I think so," Bubbles said, and sat up to take a look around. "Where are we? And where's Blossom and Buttercup?" She suddenly spotted the two guards and pointed at them. "And who's THEM?"

"Huh, ceqez wia bezaque!" The guard snarled, not looking pleased at being pointed at.

Bubbles blinked in surprise.

"We've been captured and taken inside the spaceship, and that is all I know," Ms. Keane replied, "And Blossom and Buttercup are still outside, I think. I don't know if they realize we're in here!"

"Wai, xebeza ce tetia, The other guard said with a shrug to his companion, "Tabepe ceqeba de tiqe..."

Bubbles cocked her head, listening carefully as the guards nattered on for quite a while. "Oh, no."

"What, Bubbles?" Ms. Keane asked. The blond Puff turned to her.

"They're, um, talking about their ship that is running out of fuel, and they came here looking for limestone they say is the best kind. They have found lots of limestone under the city and..." Bubbles looked at her with a worried look in her wide eyes, "Miss Keane, they're destroying everything to get every bit of limestone for themselves!"

Ms. Keane stared at Bubbles in stunned astonishment. "So that is why they're attacking Townsville just to fuel their ship? This is so..." Then she stopped and did a double take. "Wait a minute, Bubbles! Can you actually understand what they are saying?"

Bubbles nodded, and listened to the guards some more. "Miss Keane, they're also saying they captured us because they want us to tell them where to find more limestone in other places."

Ms. Keane just looked at the blue Puff. She knew that Bubbles could speak Spanish, perhaps a few other languages as well, but the fact that the little blond Puff could actually understand an alien language floored her. "Bubbles..."

The door on the far wall sudden slid open. The guards suddenly looked nervous. "Ai! Ceque ti Galaciez!" One of them squawked, and they promptly threw themselves to the floor and began writhing and groveling just as a figure clad in black stepped through the door and into the view.

Both Ms. Keane and Bubbles gaped. He was quite imposing being two heads taller and more bulky than the guards were, and his armor and helmet gave him an intimidating appearance. He carried something in each of his massive hands. He walked quickly until he was standing in front the teacher and her student outside the cell.

"Xeqade cez tabeqi!" He said harshly, giving his prisoners a hard look, and dropped the objects on the floor. Both Ms. Keane and Bubbles gasped sharply.

It was Blossom and Buttercup, each badly battered and scorched from head to feet. They sprawled motionless on the floor with their eyes closed. In fact, they did not seem to be breathing at all.

"Blossom! Buttercup! Oh, no!" Ms. Keane cried, aghast.

"My sisters!" Bubbles shouted, her eyes filling with tears in anguish. She flew out of her teacher's arms and made beeline for the pink and blue Puffs.

"Bubbles, watch out for...!" But Ms. Keane's warning came too late. Bubbles ran into simmering field that crackled and sent her reeling back into the middle of the cell. Ms. Keane quickly rushed to her to make sure the small child is not hurt.

The huge black-clad alien (and apparently the leader) made a contemptuous noise and turned to his still bowing guards. "Peh, exabez je tepeda! Ceze iqe jebenqez!"

Bubbles sat up suddenly. "Oh, no, you don't! Jepende ceqi tapenze, yi jabeqi!"

The leader tottered, his narrow yellow eyes widening with astonishment. Even the guards stopped groveling to stare at her. Ms. Keane looked at her student, flabbergasted. Not only could Bubbles understand their language, she could speak it too!

Scrambling to her feet Bubbles cried, "Cover your ears Miss Keane!" and took a deep breath before letting loose the Sonic Scream. The electric field that held them prisoners trembled from the sudden force of it before disappearing with a loud crackle. The leader and his guards clapped their hands over their ears as they were assailed by the scream.

"Xeqec diq?!" The black-clad alien shouted, both angry and astonished.

Bubbles flew over to her prone sisters and started shaking them and calling their names over and over again. She began to cry when she could get no response out of them.

"Teqabi! Xebai ti jebeqaz!" The leader said, and his guards leaped into action, drawing out what looked like swords and rushed toward the blond Puff.

Panicky, Ms. Keane called out a warning to her student, but Bubbles had already seen them coming. The tiny super heroine promptly leaped into air to deal with them. Of the three Power puff Girls Bubbles was the fastest, and so in a blue blur she delivered an uppercut and a kick to the head that sent the guards somersaulting across the room and ended up lying in an unconscious heap. It happened so quickly that Ms. Keane had scarcely blinked once and it was over in an instant. It only seemed to make the tall alien even angrier, however.

"Cez Xabeqi!" He shouted, and formed several glowing spheres of black energy in his huge hands, which he sent speeding like bullets straight at her, one after another.

"Jipeq taze ceqi, ti aqenz jebeqaz!" Bubbles answered back, dodging each one without fail. She actually sounded as though she was scolding him quite soundly. "Xeqe ci Tabezec...!"

As the blue Puff and the dark alien jabbered at each other in a totally incomprehensible language, Ms. Keane crawled over to Blossom and Buttercup and gathered them up in her arms. To her relief they still feel warm, and they were still breathing - but barely. And their wounds looked so horrible...the tears rolled down her cheeks as she gazed at them with deep concern. "Blossom, Buttercup...hang on, we're going to get you out of here as soon as we can!" Ms. Keane said, cradling her badly injured students to her chest.

She looked up in surprise when she heard English words such as "Townsville", "Powerpuff Girls" and even her own name cropping up in stream of foreign language between Bubbles and the dark alien. Was Bubbles trying to tell something to him about Townsville, and how the Powerpuff Girls would protect it from any unwelcome visitors that seek to destroy it? Ms. Keane was not sure. Nevertheless, as she watched the exchange between the tiny blond Puff and the alien, the teacher thought she saw a glimmer of understanding beginning to appear in his narrow yellow eyes.

Even so, he retorted something angrily and flung one glowing sphere once again at Bubbles. It narrowly missed her as she swooped low, then she darted down so fast that before he thought to put up some kind of protection around himself she slammed into him squarely in the chest. The armor shattered upon impact, and he went sprawling to the floor. But it so happened that he had already formed one final sphere and as he went ungraciously down it flew out and smashed into her with an terrifying sound much like a thunderclap. Bubbles let out a loud cry and sailed across the room in an arch before landing near the horrified teacher.

"BUBBLES!" She screamed. She reached out with one arm to scoop up Bubbles. The poor blond Puff was now badly injured, and she seemed to be having difficulty breathing. Stricken, the teacher looked down at the Girls in her arms and was struck with a heart-wrenching realization that they were dying and would soon expire anytime. That realization, plus the fact she was still a prisoner in the spaceship and not likely to be rescued in near future broke her down completely.

For some time the dark alien remained where he was, flat on his back, catching his breath after having his wind knocked out of him. Eventually he recovered and, slowly, he pulled himself up. With a puzzled frown on his face, he gazed down for a long while at the sobbing teacher clutching the tiny tots to her chest. Something about this pitiful scene somehow moved him, for his scowl faded and something akin to compassion shined in his eyes. Getting up on his feet, he went over to the teacher sitting there on the floor.

"Xenez ceqi yio?" He said softly, startling the teacher. However, she refused to look up.

"Go away! Leave us...please!" Ms. Keane choked out, hugging the Puffs protectively.

The dark alien cocked his head. His eyes moved forth and back from the teacher to the small girls, Bubbles in particular. "Jeneqi te ceji.." he murmured.

Ms. Keane thought it sounded as though he was apologizing, but she was too upset to care at this moment. "Please...just go away!" She said, wishing he would stop jabbering at her.

Facing the enemy

He paused, and then lowered his head as though in deep thought. "Ah...jebanc qi xebeqa!" He said suddenly, and placed his massive hand carefully over the teacher.

Ms. Keane, noticing the shadow over her, became frightened and began to protest loudly. At once, however, she felt her eyes grew strangely heavy and before she knew it she slipped into a deep, dreamless sleep....

She woke up to the sun shining brightly in the sky and realized she was lying flat on her back in the grass. Anxious faces surrounding her peered wide-eyed down at her. "She's awake!" One of them cried joyously, causing the other faces to cheer. Blinking, Ms. Keane sat up and saw that it was the chattering children crowding around her, hugging her and asking her if she was all right. "Yes, Im okay...I think!" She said somewhat dazedly, trying to return their hugs. "But"... "What happened?"

"You dont remember?" One of her students asked incredulously. The brunette teacher frowned slightly. She tried to remember, and slowly it came back to her: the spaceship was appearing and attacking Townsville, Powerpuff Girls coming to fight with it, Ms. Keane being a prisoner. And then there was this tall, almost gigantic alien in black uniform...but it seemed so unreal. Was it all a dream? Nevertheless, she felt uneasy, like something was wrong...very wrong.

Just then Robin Schneider and Mike Believe pushed their way through the crowd of kids and looked at her with worried expression on their young faces. "Miss Keane...where's Bubbles? And Blossom and Buttercup?"

"What?" Ms. Keane was startled. She scanned around frantically for any sign of the Puffs. She could not see them, but she noticed that some of the buildings near the school are mysteriously gone. She suddenly realized it was not a dream after all. The aliens DID come after all! She looked up, but the sky was clear and cloudless. There was no sign of the spaceship at all. Blood drained out of her face as a frightening thought came to her. The last time she had seen them she was holding them in her arms, and that the Powerpuff Girls were dying. "No!"NO!" She screamed, startling the children. The Girls were still on the spaceship, and the aliens had taken them away!

Tears started to roll down her cheeks as Ms. Keane collapsed then, and began to weep disconsolately.


From Dynamo Dave's original idea,
and wrote by Patchwork_Cat.
"The Powerpuff Girls"
created by Craig McCracken

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.