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ANB ( PG-13 )


"Brothers and Sisters"
by Patchwork_Cat

Late morning at the hospital found Professor and his sons standing in the hallway just outside the closed door.  "All right, boys," Professor was saying, "Please wait here while I go in to see Sandy. I'll call you when she's ready to see you, okay?"

Boomer and Butch grumbled at this, but Brick shrugged and said, "Okay, Dad. We'll wait for you, then!"

"Thank you. And oh, one thing," Professor raised his eyebrow warningly at them, "Since this is a maternity floor I want you to behave nicely, please. Okay? No pranks!"  

The Boys fidgeted uneasily. "We'll try, Dad," Brick mumbled.

"I should hope so, With a bouquet of thorn-less roses he had bought a while ago in his hand, Professor opened the door and stepped through it. Once he was inside he took a look around.  This was such a nice, state-of-art room brightly painted and built to provide a cozy, homelike atmosphere for the new mothers and their families. Since this was a private room, there was only one bed to one side with long curtains drawn around it. The wide crib was on the other side.

Eagerly Professor hurried to the crib, wanting to see his daughters again. He found Blossom and Buttercup lying side by side with a soft blanket tucked around them.  Both are fast asleep. Buttercup even had her hand in her mouth and was sucking sleepily on it. "Such sweet angels," Professor said softly, his heart nearly bursting with happiness, But I wonder where Bubbles is?"

"Right behind you, John!" the voice laughed. Professor turned around and caught his breath. The curtains had not drawn completely all the way around and there Sandy sat on the bed with pillows behind her and looking absolutely radiant. She was cradling Bubbles at her breast, and Professor realized Sandy was nursing the baby Puff.  For a moment Professor just stared at her, speechless.

"What's the matter, you never seen a mother feeding her baby?" Sandy teased.

Professor blinked and blushed a little. "Um, actually, it's just that you look absolutely beautiful," he said softy with a smile. "And I mean it!"

Caught off guard, Sandy's cheeks pinked and heart started beating rapidly.  Professor approached her and kissed her gently on her lips, then presented her with the bouquet of roses. "Those are for you, Sandy."

"Oh, you are so sweet!  There is an empty vase over there. Put them in it, please."

Professor did as she requested, then he turned and looked at her. "How are things with you, Sandy?"

Sandy sighed wearily.  "Still tired and sore. I don't think I'll be able to sit for a long time."

"I don't blame you, since you have had a long and difficult labor."  Professor said sympathetically. "Not to mention most expensive, too! But good thing Dr. Layne had agreed to slash the bill in half - he said that Powerpuff Girls are too important to Townsville for us to be burdened with debt- so we should manage it just fine, Sandy."

"Yes, and I'm glad about that. Now the Girls are here with us, so it's worth it."  Sandy looked up and smiled. "Yes, worth every penny!"

Professor nodded. "It sure is!" He said, smiling. He kissed Sandy on the forehead and added, "By the way, the boys are out in the hall, wanting to see you. Should I call them in here?"

Sandy brightened.  "Oh, yes! I want to see them, too. Just give me a minute. Here, John," she said, and held out the baby Bubbles. 

Tenderly Professor took Bubbles from her so Sandy could button her shirt up, and cradled the baby in his arms. Bubbles made tiny sleepy noises, opened her startling sky-blue eyes and look directly at him. Tears welled in his eyes as he gazed at her, marveling again at how small and how incredibly cute the baby looked with soft golden fuzz on her head.

For a long while Bubbles stared wide-eyed at him, seeming puzzled at what she saw. Then, unexpected, she smiled. It was just a small smile, to be sure, but it filled Professor with so much happiness that he nearly melted into a blubbering puddle on spot.

"Okay, I'm ready," Sandy said, having finished buttoning up her shirt.

Professor called, "All right, boys, you can come in!"

The Boys' heads popped, one by one, around the door. "Yeah, Dad?"

Sandy looked at Professor in surprise. "They're calling you Dad now?"

"Yes, now they do," Professor said, chuckling. "Long story, but I'll tell you about it later."   He pulled the curtains back so the Boys could see Sandy.

"Mom!" The Boys cried.

Sandy smiled warmly and patted invitingly on the bed. The Boys immediately flew right over and plopped on her bed, jostling each other and chattering away excitedly.

"Boys, Boys, It's good to see you," Sandy said with a laugh and swept them up in a big hug. Baby Bubbles began to fuss, and the Boys all turned to look curiously at her.

"Boys, meet your new sister, Bubbles," Professor announced, holding her up for them to see. Brick rose from the bed and floated toward the baby to have a closer look.

"Oh, wow. She's so tiny!" he exclaimed, gazing at Bubbles in awe.

"Would you like to hold her?" Professor said with a smile.  Brick's eyes bugled. The red Ruff moved a pace back and looked at Bubbles again, then Professor and finally at Sandy.

Noticing the uncertainty in his eyes, Sandy nodded encouragingly. "Go ahead, Brick.  It'll be okay."

Reassured, Brick allowed Professor to place Bubbles in his arms. As he gingerly cradled the baby, she wriggled a just little bit before reaching her tiny arm out to touch his face and giggled.

"She's barely a day old and she's giggling already!" Professor exclaimed.

"Looks like you got a fan, Brick!" Sandy said with another laugh.

Brick could only grin lopsidedly as he looked down at his new sister. "Cool," was all he said.

"Hey, where are the other Girls?" Boomer wanted to know.

Professor nodded his head toward the crib behind them. The Boys flew over there to have a look. "Wow, they're small, too!" the blond Ruff remarked, gawking at the sleeping babies.

Butch cocked his head thoughtfully. His face softened at the sight of Buttercup and Blossom. "You know, they're kind of cute when they're this tiny," He said quietly. He noticed Boomer smirking and scowled. "What?"

"Just look at you, Butch. I remember how you used to hate the Girls so much that you would do anything to beat the stuff out of the them, Boomer jibed, "And now you're all gushy over them!" 

"I'll give you something to gush about, too!" Butch retorted, and bopped his blond brother sharply on the head.

"Boys, boys! Simmer down! I don't want any fighting here, you hear?" Professor chided.

As Boomer floated away grumbling and rubbing his head, the baby Buttercup's emerald eyes popped open.  Since Butch was bending over the crib, she had a real close-up view of the green Ruff's face. "Ga-ga?" Baby Buttercup said, wide-eyed.  

"Hello yourself," Butch replied.

"Who had just woke up?"  Sandy called out.

"It's the one with green eyes, Mom...Buttercup, I think!" Butch answered, turning his head to look at Sandy. As he did so, however, his cowlick came within easy reach of Buttercup.  Immediately the green-eyed baby reached out with one arm and grabbed it.


Both Brick and Boomer burst out laughing. Baby Blossom woke up, and let out a wail.  Poor Butch could scarcely move, as Buttercup had such a strong grip on his cowlick. "Uh, Dad? I need help here!" The green Ruff called frantically.

Sandy chuckled as she watched Professor went to rescue Butch. She was quite glad that the Boys had taken to calling Professor "Dad" now. And about time, too, considering how long it takes for the Boys and Professor to warm up toward each other over the months!

Brick and Boomer were now sitting side by side on her bed, only now Boomer had baby Bubbles in his arms and was making silly noises at her just to hear Bubbles giggle.    Sandy grinned and settled back on her pillows, waiting for Professor to bring the crying Blossom over to her when she noticed a rather young-looking doctor approaching her. "Oh, hi, Dr. Jim Layne," She said.

Dr. Jim Layne was a close friend of Professor, and he was the one who had arranged to place Sandy and her babies in the private room away from the prying eyes and hand-picked the few nurses to attend to Sandy while she was giving birth to the Powerpuff Girls.  He was wonderful, always stopping by frequently to make sure Sandy was comfortable and everything. And best of all, he and the nurses had all sworn to secrecy  concerning the newly born Powerpuff Girls. That way, the citizens of Townsville would not know anything about the them.  If the people ever found out, the entire Townsville would be swarming to the Utonium house demanding to see the superpowered tots back in business of protecting the city. The Girls were far too young, anyway, and Townsville would have to wait at least five long years before the Girls were ready for action!  So, Sandy felt much safe knowing she was in excellent hands. 

"Hi, Ms. Keane. How you doing?"  Dr. Layne answered pleasantly.  "I see that you have visitors already."

"Yes. My boys want to get acquainted with their little sisters," Sandy said. Professor came over with the still crying Blossom in one arm and a quiet Buttercup in his other arm. The floating Butch followed behind him, feeling around his head to make sure his cowlick was still intact.

"Here you are," Professor said, and placed the red-haired baby in Sandy's arms.  Right away the brunette teacher cuddled her and stroked her fuzzy red hair, murmuring soothing words until Blossom calmed down.

"Cute as button, isn't she?"  the doctor said.  Then, after glancing at the clipboard in his hand, he continued, "Ms. Keane, since you and your babies are doing so well I'm going to have you discharged from here tomorrow morning at 11am.  You can start getting ready to go home then!"

"YAY! Mom's going home!" The Boys cheered.

"I completely agree with the Boys!" Professor said, chuckling.
Sandy looked pleased.  "Oh, good. I certainly can't wait to go home!"  she said.

"The sooner, the better!"  Professor said.  Then he looked at his friend. "And Jim, we can't thank you enough for all that you did for us. We truly appreciate it!"
"Anything for my friend, John. Especially for Powerpuff Girls,"  Dr. Layne said. The scientist and the doctor shook hands and then Dr. Layne added, "It was great to see them again.  We had thought Powerpuff Girls were gone for good. This is truly a miracle they're all here now!"

"Yes, it sure is, Jim!"  Professor replied with a smile. As his friend left the room Professor looked down at Buttercup who was nestled in his arms, looking about with her wide green eyes. "It is indeed quite a miracle. No doubt about it!"

The Boys were talking excitedly to Sandy, telling her that they were quite glad they had cleaned up the house just in time for her homecoming, considering what a mess Mojo Jojo had made when he invaded their house.  At the mention of Mojo Jojo Sandy looked alarmed and hugged Blossom protectively to herself.

"Mojo was there? Oh no!"  She exclaimed worriedly, "What was he doing in our house?  Did he know anything about the Girls?"

"He doesn't know about the Powerpuff Girls yet, Boomer assured her,  "And we're making sure he don't find out until the girls are older and then they can kick his ugly butt!"

Butch laughed.  "This I can't wait to see!"  He said with a grin.

"Oh, good, Sandy let out a sigh of relief, "But still, why did Mojo came to our house?  What did he want?"

"Mojo came to our house and tried to take us back with him, saying we belong to him," Brick said with a scowl, "We said no way! We would rather stay with you and Dad, so we threw him out and told him not to come back or to call us ever again!"

Boomer snickered. "Yeah, you should see us totally kick his butt. He probably won't be sitting down for a long time!"

Sandy blinked in surprise. "Oh, my. So he was after you.  That's why we kept receiving those 'crank calls' - they were from him all along!"  She said, thinking of the times she has seen one of the Boys answering the telephone whenever it rang and then slammed it down, saying it was only a stupid crank call.  She guessed they just did not want her to worry. "I certainly hope he's not coming back.  I don't want him to find out about the Girls!"

"Don't you worry, Mom!"  With Bubbles still in his arms, Boomer flew over from one end of the bed to sit right next to Sandy, "We won't let him come near our sisters! You can be sure of that!"

"That's right, we're gonna protect you and the Girls!"  Brick said, sitting down on the other side of Sandy. 

"Yeah, and we'll beat up anyone who try to mess around with the Girls!" the still floating Butch declared, throwing punches in the air. "Pow! Bam! Right in the kisser!"

Professor grinned. It was great to see the Boys so protective of their new sisters. And the beautiful Sandy - how he loved her with all his heart! He knew she loved him too - there was no doubt about it.  He put his hand into the pocket and felt the small velvety box, and took a deep breath.  He had been trying to gather up his courage. Its no use putting it off.  Better do it now, before he lost his nerve.  So he stepped up to the bed and cleared his throat.  Sandy and the boys all looked at him curiously. 

"Um, would one of you boys hold Buttercup for me, please? I have something for Sandy."  Professor said.  

Boomer shrugged helplessly, as he already have Bubbles.  Butch fidgeted and felt his cowlick uneasily.  But Brick rose from the bed and floated toward the scientist. "I'll take her, Dad,"

"Thanks, son, Professor said gratefully. He was about to place Buttercup into Brick's arm when Butch growled suddenly and leaped forward, shouldering away his brother and taking Buttercup in his arms instead. 

Professor blinked in surprise as Brick tumbled to the floor. The red Ruff  quickly recovered and sat up looking annoyed. "Hey! What gives?"  He complained.

"She's mine, was all Butch said as he sat on far end of the bed cuddling his baby sister protectively.

"Butch, be nice, Sandy, chided. Receiving no response, she shook her head with a sigh, and then looked up at Professor. "Well, John, what is it?"  She said, smiling warmly at him.

Okay, here it goes.  "Sandy, I-I-I-", Professor stuttered. Confound it! He silently cursed himself and tried again. "Um, Sandy, I-I-I-I..." He shook his head in frustration. "Oh, what the hey!" he put his hand in the pocket and pulled the box out for Sandy to see. 

The teacher, upon seeing it, went round-eyed.  The Boys craned their necks to see what it was.  "Oh!" was all Sandy said.  "John, is it what I think it is?...

Professor nodded mutely and opened the box. Sandy gasped. "This is so beautiful!" she cried. For in the box was a silver-and-gold band, beautifully etched in wood grain pattern embedded with six .03 carat flush set diamonds and to top it all was a lovely  .5 carat bezel set diamond. 

Brick whistled. "Wow, that was some ring!"

"Yeah! His brothers agreed.

Sandy just stared at it, then said, "My goodness, John, I love it!  But how can you afford such a lovely ring like this?"

"Don't worry about it, Professor said, grinning.  "Sandy, I've been wanting to marry you for quite a while, but I just can't seem to find courage to ask you. But then the boys asked me last night if we could adopt them, and I thought that now is good time to pop the question."  He suddenly blushed and "Uh, um, don't think I'm rushing you or anything. Just take your time to think about it. There's no hurry..."

"John,"  Sandy interrupted him.  She had a huge smile on her face. "I've already made my decision. I was just waiting and wondering when you are going to prosper to me!"

Taken aback, Professor blinked. "Huh? Does it mean...?"

Sandy freed one arm and pulled him closer. "John, if you must know, here is my answer!" She kissed him quite passionately on the lips.  Surprised and overjoyed, Professor put his arms around her, careful of the baby Blossom in her lap, and held her gently while he kissed her right back.

"EWWWWWW! They're kissing!" Brick shouted, averting his eyes away from the adults. Boomer made a face and covered his eyes, and Butch was so grossed out at the sight of the kissing scene that he pulled up his shirt over his face so he didn't have to see it.

The baby Powerpuff Girls, however, wriggled and giggled happily.

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